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By John Yiokaris
One of the first things people typically do when they come up with a new product or business idea is pick a name.
By Allan Dick
Having spent 30 years in the franchise industry, it is easy for me to separate the best franchise systems from the rest.
By Dixie Ho
As of July 1, 2016, franchisors can take advantage of the convenience of email in delivering their franchise disclosure documents (FDDs) in Ontario.
By Jennifer Staines
You are given the task of designing your company's logo. In the midst of your work, you find an image of a lion via a Google search and want to incorporate it into the logo.
By John Yiokaris
Franchisee advisory councils can serve as a useful interface in the franchise relationship.
By Sotos LLP
A "franchisor associate" may be liable for a variety of claims under the Act, including liability for rescission damages and misrepresentations.
By Allan Dick, Yianni Alexopoulos
There has been a lot written regarding a landlord's options and remedies upon the default of a tenant under a commercial lease.
By John Sotos, Jennifer Staines
We have recently witnessed some major changes to franchise legislation in both California and Australia.
By Louis Sokolov, Krishana Persaud
On March 8, 2016, the Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act (Supporting Survivors and Challenging Sexual Violence and Harassment), 2016 received Royal Assent
By Sabrina Callaway
Last week, the US Supreme Court affirmed a $5.8 million judgment and upheld the District Court's decision to certify a class action on behalf of pork-processing workers employed by Tyson Foods Inc...
By Faye Lucas, Peter Viitre
Changes in technology, customer needs, and the laws governing franchising require franchise agreements to evolve reactively, to accommodate such shifts as they happen, and proactively, in anticipation of what the future might bring.
By Stuart Freen
The Federal government of Canada recently proposed major new changes to the Trade-marks Act—including changing the name of the Act to the Trademarks Act.
By John Sotos
Renovating a dealership is expensive. It's usually the most expensive capital investment a dealer will make, aside from building from scratch.
By John Yiokaris
For franchisors selling franchises in those provinces with franchise disclosure legislation, the law requires that they must provide all prospective franchisees in those provinces with a disclosure document.