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By Gemma Wheeler-Carvo
If a request for flexible work is received, it must be discussed with the employee in a genuine effort to reach agreement.
By Murray Thornhill
Recently, there has been an increase in separating couples arguing through the Family Court for custody of their pets.
By Murray Thornhill
These changes are proposed, but it is far better to have a valid will in place to deal with your estate after you die.
By Murray Thornhill
Article discusses amendments to the ACL which increase penalties for some breaches.
By Daniel Morris
The reasoning in the Forge cases is important for subcontractors' payment rights in cases of head contractor insolvency.
By Murray Thornhill
The Strata Titles Amendment Bill 2018 introduces the most significant changes in strata law in more than last 20 years. .
By Murray Thornhill
Recent legislative reform and an increase in legal services are in response to more incidents of family violence in WA.
By Murray Thornhill
The impact of click-wrap customer contracts will be included in the ACCC inquiry into digital platforms and e-commerce.
By Gregory Rogers
The regime can be powerful, as it does not simply target the perpetrator, but compels the employer to actively intervene.
By Daniel Morris
If you have guaranteed the debts of a person or entity, do not panic, as the creditor may be amenable to compromise.
By Modiesha Stephens
This includes a list of top tips for individuals and small businesses to start tax planning for the next financial year.
By Siobhan Nims
If you are considering contesting a speeding fine in Western Australia, here are HHG Legal Group's top tips to consider.
By Murray Thornhill
The case hinges on the search engine's results, which linked Michael to convicted felons from Melbourne's underworld.
By Modiesha Stephens
Now is the perfect time for individuals and small businesses to start tax planning for the next financial year.
By Greg Gaunt
The current banking royal commission is now to examine lending to farmers….
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