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By Richard Sharp
The outcome of the UK referendum on 23 June 2016 to leave the EU was both shocking and unprecedented but Guernsey is well positioned to meet any challenges.
By Martin Paul, Simon Hopwood, Alasdair Hunter, Bruce Scott
Jersey is one of the premier offshore jurisdictions for the establishment of investment funds and other investment structures.
By Alasdair Hunter, Martin Paul, Simon Hopwood, Kate Ovenden, Richard Sharp, Mark Helyar
The key advantages to listing on the Official List of The International Stock Exchange (TISE) as operated by The International Stock Exchange Authority Limited (TISEA) are.
By Rob Gardner, Edward Drummond
Insolvency office-holders appointed under a law or by a court outside Jersey will have no authority, as a matter of Jersey law, to act in Jersey.
By Rob Gardner, Edward Drummond
By Richard Sharp
Captive Review (CR): How will Brexit affect Guernsey's captive insurance industry?
By Richard Le Liard
As a funds lawyer working in a time where the global trend is towards ever-increasing regulatory complexity, it is a pleasure to report on developments in the Jersey funds industry...
By Alasdair Davidson, Jon Barclay
The Royal Court of Guernsey has jurisdiction to grant freezing injunctions in support of domestic and international proceedings, both before and after judgment.
By Alasdair Davidson, Jon Barclay
In modern cross-border litigation it is often absolutely critical to be able to secure evidence and to identify assets in advance of commencing a legal claim.
By Edward Drummond, Will Austin-Vautier, Rebecca McNulty
This briefing provides an overview of the key changes introduced by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (the "GDPR"), which will have extra-territorial effect in Jersey in relation to...
By Alasdair Davidson, Jon Barclay
Historically, parties in Guernsey have been reluctant to use arbitration as a means of resolving a dispute, largely due to perceived shortcomings in the previous 1982 legislation.
By Alasdair Davidson, Jon Barclay
This much anticipated Law came into force on 12 December 2016. It replaces the previous legislation from 1982 which was widely considered to be outdated and inefficient...
By Kate Ovenden, Richard Sharp, Ann Halliday, Kellie Oliveira, Mark Helyar, Sukhvinder Chana, Ioannis Saridakis, Marc Piano
Guernsey is, for many, the jurisdiction of choice for the establishment and/or administration of all types of collective investment vehicle, including private equity, hedge and property funds...
By Alasdair Hunter, Simon Hopwood
The Islamic finance sector has grown in recent years from being a specialised niche to a multi-billion dollar global mainstream industry.
By Donna Withers, Martine Heys
The purpose of this document is to provide general information and outline how to apply for a Jersey Grant of Probate or Administration for non-Jersey domiciled deceased estates.
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