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Cayman Islands
By Chris Larkin (EY)
Larger service providers are often able to utilise their client base of global family offices to create a database of leading practices which can then be used to perform leading practice reviews.
By Cayman Finance
Cayman Finance also had an exhibitor presence at numerous other events.
By Cayman Finance
Originally known as the Cayman Islands Financial Services Association, Cayman Finance was established in 2003, with the vision of a broader organisation representing the country's financial services industry.
By Cayman Finance
In 1976 a breaking point for the insurance industry was reached. After a time of political movement and economic upheaval, liability insurance pay-outs in the US had reached an unsustainable rate...
By Scott Macdonald (Maples)
The Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (the "CSX"), which has listed more than 4,000 securities with a combined market capitalisation in excess of US$190 billion, has firmly established itself...
By Stephen Price (RBC Dominion Securities)
An ESG overlay in your portfolio may complement the conservative nature of your overall investments as it will increase diversification, mitigate risk and may improve the portfolio's risk-adjusted returns.
By Chris Capewell
MMFs are considered by many investors to be a relatively safe and highly liquid investment alternative to simply holding surplus cash in a bank account.
By Cayman Finance
The uncertainty around the CLO space in 2016 was driven, in large part, by the introduction of the risk retention regime in the US on 24 December 2016.
By Cayman Finance
When the board of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) published its Report on the Fourth IOSCO Hedge Fund Survey in November 2017, the findings confirmed the continuing strength and widespread appeal of the alternative investment industry to investors.
By Wendy Stenning
In March 2017, the Cayman Islands Legislature passed the Foundation Companies Law, 2017 (the "Law").
By Marco Calleja (EY), Chris Maiato (EY)
Disruption, innovation and change are rapidly impacting the financial services industry across the globe, and the Cayman Islands will need to adapt to ensure the industry is poised for success in response...
By Micho Schumann (KPMG)
When reading news and statistics about Cyber Security incidents, it is easy for executives to become immune to the information overload.
By Cayman Finance
The Cayman Islands is one of the leading international centres for the creation and administration of trust structures, and its continued development and growth is due to a number of important factors.
By Derek Stenson, Adrian Lynch (Walkers), Dara Keogh (Walkers)
The Cayman Islands has recently experienced tremendous growth in the financial reinsurance ("FinRe") sector.
By Cayman Finance
As an international financial centre, the Cayman Islands is constantly seeking to maintain its competitive edge with innovative transformations and additions that keep the financial services industry fresh and progressive.
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