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By Jaskaran Singh
The advent of globalization coupled with modern business methods has had a significant impact on consumer experience in India.
By Suchita Vyas
The Specific Relief (Amendment) Act, 2018 was notified in the official gazette on August 1, 2018 thereby amending the Specific Relief Act, 1963, which essentially prescribes remedies for parties either by awarding ...
By Priti Suri
Much has been written and articulated about corruption in India which, ostensibly, pervades at every level and, more so, to get simple tasks done.
By Varun Kalsi, Sakshi Seth
This Flash apprises you of the recent amendments to the Specific Relief Act, 1963 ("Act") pursuant to the Specific Relief (Amendment) Act, 2018 and assesses its likely impact on contractual arrangements.
By Arya Tripathy
Taxability of non-compete fee has been a bone of contention in several acquisitions. Prior to 2003, the Income-Tax Act ("Act") did not provide for taxing of non-compete fee,
By Sakshi Seth
Leniency programme is a whistle-blower protection of the CCI available to those enterprises or individuals that disclose their role in a cartel and cooperate with subsequent investigations.
By Shalini Mahay
The Reserve Bank of India ("RBI") issued a notification on June 7, 2018 proposing integration of multiple foreign investment reporting formats into a combined online single master form ("SMF").
By Nikhil Issar
The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 ("IBC") was passed with the objective of balancing interests of all stakeholders in a corporate entity‟s insolvency resolution process.
By Bhavani Navaneedhan
Fair adjudication of disputes is dependent on unbiased judges. In arbitrations where the parties nominate arbitrators, it is necessary to ensure that they are capable of passing awards in a fair manner.
By Varun Kalsi
Though this is only the second verdict emanating from the said Leniency Regulations, it bears testimony to the fact that the Regulations and CCI's approach in their interpretation is a step...
By Varun Kalsi, Janarth Visvanathan
Recently, NCLAT faced a situation in State Bank of India v. Mr. V. Ramakrishnan and Ors. [Company Appeal (AT) Insolvency no. 213 of 2017], where the State Bank of India had appealed...
By Mansi Airi Gambhir
"Privacy" has become the buzz word these days. From the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal or Aadhar linkage to third party sharing of users' data by WhatsApp ...
By Varun Kalsi
Section 6 of the CA mandates that an enterprise intending an acquisition covered under section 5 of the CA, must give a notice to the CCI seeking its approval of the acquisition to the extent that such acquisition...
By Sudha Sampath
This bulletin summarizes the aforesaid judgment of the SC.
By Janarth Visvanathan
In most commercial contracts, two or more parties typically undertake to perform certain obligations vis-à-vis each other.
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