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By Luiz Marques
The 2nd Panel of the Superior Labor Court upheld an appeal filed by an employee of the company Siemens do Brasil Ltda., who had his employment contract suspended since he was assigned temporarily to work on the same company in Italy.
The Superior Labor Court has granted validity to the agreement clause or collective agreement which allows the fractionation of the period for rest and meal of drivers and collectors of buses in small breaks along the itineration.
The company Veronesi Hotéis Ltda. must pay indemnification for the period of stability to a former employee injured during probation contract.
The Federal Court of Campinas has granted the right to a father to be absent from work for 120 days and receive paternity leave, which must be paid by the National Institute of Social Security on the same basis as maternity leave.
The Economic Affairs Commission is ready to vote the legislative bill of the House which amends the Consolidated Labor Laws to regulate the division of the service fee charged on the expenses held in bars, restaurants, hotels, motels and similar establishments.
The 6th Panel of the Regional Labor Court of the 3rd Region classified as arbitrary, abusive and unethical the behavior of a company that, contrary to the conclusion of the expertise pension, did not allow the employee to return to work.
The Sixth Panel of the Superior Labor Court upheld the appeal of a female employee of the Richard Hugh Fisk Foundation, who, working beyond her normal working hours, did not enjoy the pause for rest foreseen in article 384 of the Consolidated Labor Laws, which ensures to female workers the pause to rest for 15 minutes in case of extension of normal working hours.
A former employee of Lojas Americanas was dismissed with cause due to several delays and unjustified absences from work.
The 6th Panel of the Regional Labor Court of the 3rd Region upheld the sentence which declared annulled the dismissal of a worker who suffered of panic disorder.
In a case examined by the 9th Panel of the Regional Labor Court of the 3rd Region the claimant alleged that each employee had a number on their shirts and when the defendant needed to call the workers, it called them by numbers in a totally impersonal way.
The company Blasting Pintura Industrial Ltda. will have to reimburse medical expenses and pay indemnification for moral damages to a former employee.
The 7th Panel of the Regional Labor Court of the 3rd Region ruled in favor of the employee who requested indemnification for having always worked wearing shirts with advertisement.
According to Law No. 11.324/06, the domestic worker has the right to rest in civil and religious holidays.
By Luiz Marques
The sentence of the lower court judge recognized the right of the teacher and sentenced the defendant to the payment of extra for night work proportional to the time worked after 10pm.
By Luiz Marques
The value of 10%, usually added on the price of products purchased with credit cards should not be discounted to the calculation of the commission to be received by the employee.