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By Carlo Verona, Juliana Daniel
The launching of President Dilma Russef's second term has seen the change in the Brazilian Anticorruption Agency ("CGU") head, with Valdir Moysés Simão taking over from Jorge Hage.
By Aloizio Lima, Paulo Peressin, Rafael Sorbo, Bruno Malfatti
Brazil's Supreme Court issued on 13 November 2014 a decision which triggered a profound change in the current statute of limitations for the collection of deposits due under the Government Severance Indemnity Fund system.
By Paulo Lilla
Brazil's Administrative Council of Economic Defense – CADE approved on October 29, 2014 Resolution No. 10 ("CADE Resolution No. 10") defining the criteria for notification of associative agreements.
By Andrea Caliento, Pamela Sabey
The Government had already announced in August that it would take measures to encourage real estate credit.
By Paulo Lilla
Brazil's Administrative Council of Economic Defense – CADE approved on 1 October 2014 changes in its internal regulations.
By Renata Cardoso, Andrea Caliento, Eduardo Asperti
The mentioned law is the consequence of the conversion of Provisional Measure n° 656, dated 7 October 2014 ("MP 656"), which also definitely provides the regulation of the credit note named Guarantee Real Estate Bill.
By Claudio Lampert, Thiago Sandim, Antonio Noronha, Ana Sammarco
The Brazilian Government formally announced that Act No. 12,815/13 has reached its last step of Executive analysis and has been released by President Dilma Roussef.
By Thiago Sandim, Ana Sammarco, Talita Lamblem
The Brazilian Government has just commenced the bidding process to award the concessions of Galeão and Confins international airports.
By Gustavo Haddad, Ricardo Ferreira Bolan, Aldo BevilacquadeToledo, Bernardo Bessa
A discussion on the recent changes in the Brazilian transfer pricing rules, introduced by MP 563.
By Thiago Sandim, Ana Sammarco, Talita Lamblem
Presidential Provisional Measure No. 595 and Decrees No. 7860 and No. 7861were published on December 7, 2012, and regulate , regulating the operation of port activities and port facilities, as well as the activities developed by port operators.
By Mariá Guitti, Carolina Spada
Recently, the Judges of the Superior Labor Court ("TST") met to review some controversial legal understandings.
By Thiago Sandim, Ana Sammarco
As part of the growth introduction program, the Brazilian government has publicized the draft for the public bidding and agreement for the concession of public service of railroad passengers transportation by high-speed train for the Railroad EF-222, from Rio de Janeiro to Campinas.