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By Jacqueline Gant
Summer is here. And with it comes the awkward but very real workplace issue of employee hygiene.
By Jennifer Devins
In Gichuru v. Pallai, 2018 BCCA 78, the most recent decision in the long-running saga between an individual and his former landlord, the BC Court of Appeal clarified the test for retaliation under section 43 of the BC Human Rights Code, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 210 (the "Code").
By Jennifer Russell
The B.C. Supreme Court recently determined in Klonteig v. District of West Kelowna, 2018 BCSC 124 that an assistant fire chief was wrongfully dismissed when his employer terminated...
By Brandon Hillis
In Rajuc v. Omega Tool Corp., 2017 HRTO 818, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal provided employers with valuable guidance regarding how to deal with workplace attendance problems.
By Keri Bennett
The Canadian government has finally published regulations relating to mandatory privacy breach notification under the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).
By Jacqueline Gant
Employers have a duty to protect employees from sexualization in the workplace by patrons and customers, even if that means removing or banning individuals with an alleged mental disability ...
By Keri Bennett
Cambridge Analytica has been all over the news for the past couple of weeks.
By Michael Wagner
A roadmap for dealing with disabled employees who are unfit for active employment, but who deny being unfit, is detailed in Kelfor Industries Ltd. v. United Steelworkers, Local 2009 ...
By Delayne Sartison
Corporation of the Township of Langley -and- Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 403, BCLRB No. B117/2017 (leave for reconsideration denied in No. B151/2017) is part of a series of decisions...
By Christopher Munroe
In Re Black Press Group Ltd., BC EST No. RD074/17, the B.C. Employment Standards Tribunal confirmed that evidence of after-acquired cause (i.e. evidence of pre-dismissal misconduct...
By Tamara Navaratnam
The importance of maintaining composure in the heat of the moment, even in the face of insubordination or other defiant employee behaviour, is highlighted in Sweeting v. Mok, 2017 ONCA 203.
By Julie Menten, Michael Wagner
More than a year after the merits of Ms. McCue's complaint were heard, the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal (the "Tribunal") has dismissed this case in its entirety.
By Gabrielle Scorer
After reorganizing a business, employers must take care that the terms of settlement and new employment they offer to their employees do not provide a basis for a dismissed employee to reasonably refuse to take the position in order to mitigate damages for wrongful dismissal.
By Danny Bernstein
It seems like every day a new story surfaces about allegations of sexual harassment against Hollywood elites and other celebrities. Each time, the online world erupts and anyone with a computer can have their say.
By Jacqueline Gant
The importance of providing notice to employees prior to collecting and using employee personal information is highlighted in Zelstoff Celgar Ltd. v. Public and Private Workers of Canada, Local 1...