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By Mari-Nelia Nieuwoudt
The VAT Act contains several prescribed methods on treating VAT, accounting for VAT and declaring VAT.
By Mari-Nelia Nieuwoudt
Government Gazettes for the period February to March 2012 are covered in this edition.
By Mari-Nelia Nieuwoudt
The Income Tax Act was amended in December 2011 to introduce tax on amounts received for the alienation of a right or license to explore, mine or retrieve natural resources in Namibia.
By Mari-Nelia Nieuwoudt
The Namibian skills shortage and strong growth in specialist industries in our economy require skilled expatriates to work in Namibia.
By Mari-Nelia Nieuwoudt
The process to arrange Namibian immigration documents for expatriate experts involves extensive preparation and planning.
By Mari-Nelia Nieuwoudt
PwC Namibia together with our global alliance can ensure a seamless approach to satisfying your global transfer pricing requirements.
By Mari-Nelia Nieuwoudt
It is important to complete tax returns submitted to Inland Revenue in full, furnishing all required information.