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By Andrew Zammit, Nicole Cannataci
An "IP", or "internet protocol" is a unique series of numbers allocated to each and every device connected to a network, including and most notable the internet.
By Andrew Zammit, Martina Borg Stevens, Nicole Attard, Yasmine Aquilina
Non-profit games, tombolas and advertising lotteries will be classified under this new framework as Low Risk Games.
By Joseph J. Vella, Karl Briffa, Angela Bruno
The recent Legal Notice No. 156 of 2017 ("Leave for Medically Assisted Procreation National Standard Order 2017") has laid down minimum requirements designed to grant a period of paid leave...
By Andrew Zammit
On the 3rd April of 2017, the European Council formally adopted the new Shareholder's Rights Directive, which is a revision of Directive 2007/36/EC as regards the encouragement of long-term shareholder...
By Michael Grech, Yasmine Aquilina, Nicole Attard
At the end of April 2017, the European Court of Justice (‘CJEU') issued a landmark ruling concluding that the sale of a multimedia player...
By Andrew Zammit, Michael Grech
Please describe the types of fintech businesses that are active in your jurisdiction and any notable fintech innovation trends within particular sub-sectors .
By Andrew Zammit, Martina Borg Stevens, Nicole Attard, Yasmine Aquilina
Maltese law permits both online and land-based gambling.
By Joseph J. Vella, Angela Bruno, Karl Briffa
The European Court of Justice (the "ECJ") has recently ruled on the case C-157/15 related to Ms. Samira Achbita, a receptionist working for the company G4S Secure Solutions NV.
By Angela Bruno, Yasmine Aquilina
As stated by the European Court of Justice ("ECJ"), the right of employees to paid annual leave is a "particularly important principle of the European Union social law" which cannot be derogated...
By Yasmine Aquilina
Following a screening conducted by the EU Commission in 2014, it was discovered that 37% of E-commerce including booking websites for travel, entertainment, clothing, electronic goods...
By Angela Bruno, Karl Briffa, Joseph J. Vella
On the 6th April 2017, in the case C-336/15, the European Court of Justice ("ECJ") provided an interpretation of article 3 of the Transfers of Undertakings Directive 2001/23/EC...
By Daniel Mizzi
Following the enactment of the Arbiter for Financial Services Act, Act XVI of 2016 of the Laws of Malta...
By Angela Bruno
EU legislation provides rules to coordinate national social security systems and ensure social security protection when EU citizens move within Europe.
By Andrew Zammit, Kurt Hyzler, Luca Vella
On Wednesday 15th February, the London School of Economics (LSE), through its local Alumni Association and with the support of GVZH Advocates...
By Andrew Zammit, Martina Borg Stevens
Gambling, from a legal and policy perspective, has been consistently defined by reference to the constitutive elements of involving a monetary consideration, an element of chance...
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