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By E. Benan Arseven, Burcu Tuzcu Ersin, LL.M., Sevi İslamageç
Turkey's Constitutional Court recently considered the constitutionality of fixed administrative fines for breaches of electricity legislation or license terms.
By Orçun Çetinkaya, LL.M., Burak Baydar
Taxpayers in Turkey can file lawsuits against assessments of tax bases, provided their declaration included a reservation annotation and was made by the relevant deadline.
By Orçun Çetinkaya, LL.M., Burak Baydar
There are two main types of enforcement actions available in Turkey, intended respectively for circumstances where a judgment exists ("Judgment-Based") and where a judgment does not exist ("Non Judgment-Based").
By Işık Özdoğan, LL.M., Yonca Çelebi
The Turkish Supreme Court recently ruled that if trademark infringement also infringes personal rights, then the right holder can seek protection under Law Number 5651 Regulating Internet Broadcasting and Fighting Crimes Committed through Internet Broadcasting.
By E. Benan Arseven, Burcu Tuzcu Ersin, LL.M., C. Hazal Tunçay, LL.M.
Turkey's Energy Market Regulatory Authority has announced new rules for IT processes in industrial control systems in certain energy facilities which are deemed critical for public services.
By Bora İkiler, LL.M.
The European Competition Commission recently issued a €2.42 billion fine to Google for abusing its market dominance as a search engine by granting advantages to its own comparison shopping service.
By Bora İkiler, LL.M.
The Turkish Competition Authority recently announced a public consultation period for proposed amendments and additions to its guidelines on vertical agreements.
By E. Benan Arseven, A. Başak Karakoç, LL.M.
Turkey's Ministry of Finance has announced details for the process whereby taxpayers can provide a written explanation, seeking to potentially avoid audit or referral in the context of suspected tax evasion.
By İpek Ünlü Tık, Burcu Güray
Turkey's High Planning Council has updated the country's 2014 to 2023 National Employment Strategy by approving an action plan for the 2017 to 2019 period.
By İpek Ünlü Tık
Turkey has repealed a 1924 law which required certain businesses to have a weekly holiday on Sundays. Non-exempt workplaces were previously also required to apply to local administrations...
By E. Benan Arseven, A. Başak Karakoç, LL.M.
The new system will apply for tax inspection reports issued from 22 June 2017 onwards.
By Ezgi Baklacı Gülkokar, LL.M., Yonca Çelebi
For geographical indications registered before 10 January 2017, supply chain parties should have notified the registration holder by 10 July 2017.
By Dr. E. Seyfi Moroğlu, LL.M., Sevi İslamageç
Turkey's Ministry of Health has announced a detailed new regulatory regime for the medical tourism industry. The new rules cover health care standards, authorizations and pricing elements.
By E. Benan Arseven, Burcu Güray
Turkey has introduced an additional certification step for documents used in Turkish tenders, applying to documents originating from countries that have not signed the Convention Abolishing...
By Dr. E. Seyfi Moroğlu, LL.M., Burak Baydar
Turkey has introduced new restrictions for leverage procedures, as well as for buying and selling securities and similar capital market instruments.
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