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Software licenses and other IP licenses are subject to general Danish contract law.
A petition for bankruptcy may be filed by a creditor or by the debtor itself to the Bankruptcy Court.
There are several acts and executive orders under Danish law which regulate the area of e-commerce.
Most of the Danish environmental regulation is based on directives from the EU.
By Thomas Weitemeyer, Kim Lexner
Vestre Landsret har den 11. november 2011 stadfæstet Skifteretten i Holstebros kendelse, hvorefter den nægtede en skyldner gældssanering, idet ansøgning herom var indgivet for sent.
By Nicolai Hesgaard, Henrik Syskind, Maria Thomsen
Kommissionen foreslog den 25. januar 2012 en omfattende reform af persondatabeskyttelsesreglerne.
The area of intellectual property law is subject to detailed statutory regulation.
By Christoffer Galbo, Ted Rosenbaum, Henrik Syskind
The Development Package is to improve small and medium-sized businesses' access to funds, as this access has deteriorated during the financial crisis.
In general, the principle of freedom of contract governs Danish contract law and constitutes the fundamental principle for contracting in Denmark.
By Dan Moalem, Christian Nielsen
Recently, the EU Court of Justice ("the Court") has made a decision in which it was pointed out which factors are legitimate and, especially, which factors are illegitimate when manufacturers limit distributors' possibilities for internet sales in a selective distribution system.