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By Marilyn Calister, Lee Sussman
Ever heard the maxim, "always expect the unexpected"? We have all experienced its truth in the "real world." Similarly, the tax law has no lack of oddities or quirks that can leave even tax professionals uttering "huh?"
By Ellen O. Bonito, Chris Carreira
With the hassle of planning an out-of-state move, taxpayers often overlook an important aspect—changing residency for state tax purposes.
By Jared Banner, Dean Koutris
In the five years since the Credit Crisis and Housing Bubble, the United States economy has been marred with negative or substandard economic growth.
By David Roberts
Form 8938 (Statement of Foreign Financial Assets), introduced in 2011 as part of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), requires taxpayers to report their foreign assets, subject to minimum values, and indicate where the related income is picked up on their tax return.
The contemplated Corporate Tax Reform III (CTR III) will be a key element for the attractiveness of Switzerland as a location for multinational enterprises.
By Trevor Hancock
In today’s investment landscape, the mounting uncertainty about growth and income from traditional investment sources has created a conundrum for yield-seeking investors.
By Petra Loer
The American Taxpayer Relief Tax Act of 2012 (the "Act"), enacted on January 2, 2013, ended an 11 year period of uncertainty relating to estate tax exemptions and rates by making the agreed upon exemptions and rates "permanent".
By Marilyn Calister
In our prior articles on the IRS, we covered standard notices, the audit process, and the various avenues to resolution including going to Appeals and Tax Court.
By Rick Ackel, Sid Luckenbach
The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (The Act) renews the enhanced charitable income tax deduction for qualified conservation easements through 2013.
By Luke Coombs
For taxpayers using the cash basis accounting method, determining when to deduct accrued bonuses is typically a straightforward matter - the compensation deduction occurs when the bonus is paid.
By Marilyn Calister
As part of our ongoing series covering the audit process, this article focuses on the payment stage of the exam and the courses of action available to taxpayers. Whether an audit is big or small, the fundamental procedures are the same.
By Michael Kohner, David Bollis
Although we do not know whether Congress will extend the Bush-era tax cuts, who will be affected, for how long, and when any changes might go into effect, we do know the planned rate increases that will go into effect short of any action by Congress.
By Joseph Toce, Lee Sussman, Samantha Ciccone
Hurricane Sandy caused unprecedented and extensive damage to property and businesses in the Tri-State Area.
By Marilyn Calister, Lee Sussman
While hiring a tax professional to assist in your audit defense can be costly, in many cases, the fees paid can be deducted on your tax return.
By Joseph Toce, Joseph Kluemper
Section 2801 imposes special transfer tax rules on covered expatriates, but planning strategies may be implemented to reduce the provision's impact.