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By Engin Düzgün
We did publish an article with the same title in 2011. In that article we mentioned several topics and made some strategic evaluations.
By Engin Düzgün, Burcu Kırancı
The main philosophy of privatization in Turkey is state’s providing justice and security which are its fundamental chores, and undertaking infrastructure investments which cannot be undertaken by private sector, also the managing of the economy through market mechanisms.
By Engin Düzgün
As a consequence of its geologic location, Turkey can be named as a bridge that links Asia, Middle East and Caucasus to Europe. That is why the significance of highways is rising in Turkey because of the intercontinental transportation and commerce.
By Engin Düzgün, Burcu Kırancı
Middle East and Asian countries which have %63 of fossil fuel reserves of total in the World, dominate the world politics the same today as it was yesterday.
By Engin Düzgün
Wood is the first source of energy for humans. It is used as the means of heating, lighting and cooking until the industrial age. With the discovery of petroleum and coal; and then utilizing the natural gas, the sources that nourishes peoples source of energy have developed and changed.
By Engin Düzgün, Burcu Kırancı
We are in the beginning of a period that there is increasing risk of extinction in widespread use of common energy sources.
By Engin Düzgün
Turkish Government has attracted the foreign investors on renewable energy resources recently.
Turkey has become a party to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) on May 24 2004 and to Kyoto Protocol on August 26,2009.
By Engin Düzgün
Located in the middle of the energy aisle, Iraq is very important for Turkey, regional countries, Europe and USA.