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By Karen Campbell, David Hooley
As the highly anticipated day of cannabis legalization in Canada draws near, Prince Edward Island municipalities must acknowledge and prepare for the challenges coming their way.
By John Boyle, Jessica R.W. Bungay, Karen Campbell, Michelle Willette
Mothers can now start EI Maternity Benefits as early as 12 weeks before their due date (previously 8 weeks). Maternity benefits are provided to mothers ...
By Geoffrey Breen, Jamie Eddy, Meaghan S. Hughes, Daniel W. Ingersoll, Michelle Willette
As an employer, it's important to prepare yourself for the legalization of cannabis. Understand the implications of cannabis use in your workplace and understand ...
By Caitlin Regan-Cottreau
Liteco v Nova Scotia (Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal), 2017 NSSC 304
By J. Ian Whitcomb
In Rankin (Rankin's Garage and Sales) v. J.J., 2018 SCC 19, the Supreme Court of Canada clarified how it will interpret existing duties of care, in the context of a personal injury arising ...
By Jorge Segovia
In Ryan v. Curlew, 2018 NLSC 72, the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador assessed damages in the context of a personal injury claim.
By Kevin Latimer
Weed vendors and consumers will soon be legal in Nova Scotia and we wonder if municipalities are ready.
By Patrick Power
Terra Nova Employers' Organization v Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, Local 2121, 2018 NLCA 7
By Cox & Palmer
Nova Scotia can deliver significant benefits to multinational entities as a result of the province's unique corporate law framework, multinational-friendly tax regime, abundance of government...
By Stéphanie Luce
In Bent v. MacFarlane, contradictions in Bent's self-reporting and her lack of attempt to seek a medical resolution to an alleged chronic pain syndrome proved extremely limiting to her claim for damages.
By Jessica R.W. Bungay, Jamie Eddy
New Brunswick has introduced new regulations under the General Regulations - Occupational Health and Safety Act ("OHSA") aimed at identifying and preventing workplace violence...
By Michèle Brown-Gellert, Jessica R.W. Bungay
The imminent legalization of marijuana is causing angst for many employers.
By Geoffrey Breen, Richard Norman
On April 19, 2018, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) released its much anticipated decision in R v. Comeau, i.e. the "beer case".
By Roy Argand, Patrick Fitzgerald, Margaret MacInnis, Matt Saunders
Local and global data breaches remain headline news. From Facebook's disclosure of its sharing of millions of users' profiles (without their consent) to the recent data breach involving the Nova Scotia...
By John Boyle
The Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Matthews v. Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd., 2017 NSSC 16 (with supplemental reasons at 2017 NSSC 123) recently set out the test in Nova Scotia for determining...
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