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By Darren O'Keefe, Megan Taylor
This case involved competing claims to insurance proceeds payable following a fire loss to a building (the "Property") owned by Elite Builders Inc. ("Elite").
By F. Richard Gosse
Contrary to the perception that lawyers thrive in loopholes, when a dispute arises, the concepts of fair and reasonable are consistent.
By Kevin Latimer, Ryan P.W. Lebans
Those interested in how the new planning appeals system in Ontario will operate may want to look East – to Nova Scotia.
By Deirdre Wade, QC
As third party liability insurance is not intended to cover an insured for intentionally caused harm, liability policies, particularly homeowner's and commercial general liability policies, invariably have some form of...
By Terri Higdon
Tis the season for holiday parties. Cox & Palmer would like to remind employers about the steps they should take to minimize their liability risks arising from the consumption of alcohol by employees and their guests.
By Douglas Wright
Under subsection 164(1) of the Income Tax Act, a corporation must file its tax return within three years of the end of the taxation year to be entitled to receive a tax refund ...
By Janna L. Whelan
A recent decision of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, Mifflin v North Atlantic Refining Limited, 2017 NLTD(G) 140, demonstrates that Employers may be held to a settlement agreement...
By Ryan Burgoyne
For any business today, the reality of day-to-day functioning and management involves mass-communication, networking, marketing, and the organization of important confidential information...
By Darren O'Keefe, Megan Taylor
Following eight years of protracted and acrimonious child custody litigation, the father of the children in question was awarded $200,000 in costs against their mother, who subsequently declared bankruptcy ...
By Jacqueline Boucher
As the Honourable Madam Justice Newbury states in the opening paragraphs of the decision in Parrett v. Parrett, 2016 BCCA 151, the facts of this case are "unremarkable."
By Kevin Latimer
Cranes. Scaffolding. Orange vests and hard hats. Construction around Halifax keeps cruising along at an exciting pace. Development, however, can include some tricky municipal planning bits.
By Jessica R.W. Bungay
The Ontario Court of Appeal in Doyle v. Zochem Inc., 2017 ONCA 130 recently upheld an award of $60,000 in "moral damages" to a former employee for the bad faith manner in which she was dismissed.
By Jorge Segovia
This newsletter will examine three court decisions that illustrate the challenge of proving liability for slip and fall incidents during Newfoundland and Labrador winters.
By Meaghan S. Hughes
From the employer's perspective, one of the most beneficial terms in an employment contract is a prescribed notice period in the event of a "without cause" termination.
By Matt Saunders
Recent high-profile data breaches have emphasized the importance of protecting client, company, and personal information by governments and businesses.
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