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By Emily Davoren
The restraint of trade clause must be reasonably necessary to protect the employer's legitimate business interests.
By Michael Mobberley
New legislation has been dubbed "the toughest yet" - in the fight to balance interests of landlords and owner occupiers.
By Franca Parolin, Olivia Southall
Access to a court file is generally only permitted to the parties involved and named in the court proceedings on file.
By Mark Evans, Byron Turner
Whilst you do not have a right to a view, this article outlines when you should lodge a submission to Council.
By Franca Parolin, Kelly Markovski
Recent case shows the sort of conflict that may arise in scenarios where a child is conceived artificially or through surrogacy.
By Natalee Davis
Article discusses the changes to the law that present a step forward in safeguarding justice for victims of child abuse.
By David Potts
Hiring the right employee enhances your work culture, so having the right person in the right position is often crucial.
By Franca Parolin, Olivia Southall
Until a legal determination for parenting rights is made, the child is deemed to be the child of the birth mother.
By Natalee Davis
Advice regarding rights to continued employment when an injury prevents you from returning to work.
The worker was injured having sex in a hotel that was booked and paid for by her employer as part of a work trip,.
Lenders, brokers and legal advisers must comply with the new requirements or face a refusal to register a mortgage.
NSW Minister announces a comprehensive review of the State's planning legislation over the next 18 months.