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By Mark Evans
Use of Council's investigative powers is not unlawful simply because prosecution is contemplated when notices are issued.
By Patrick Schmidt
A homeowner is entitled to defend himself and his property from home intruders, but only to a reasonable degree.
By Natalee Davis
Standing up in court is harrowing, but recent amendments are a step forward in ensuring justice for child abuse victims.
By Mark Evans
What can you do if your neighbour's tree drops leaves in your yard or if the roots are creeping towards your plumbing?
By David Potts
Employers should review the terms and conditions of casual employees, who may be able to convert to full-time employment.
By Adam Bye, Laura Hope
New NSW road rules change the speed limit when passing parked emergency vehicles, regardless of the designated limit.
By Michael Mobberley
Despite his best intentions, Peter Brock joined other famous celebrities who failed to get their Wills properly in place.
By Mark Evans
The general rule is that neighbours contribute equally to the cost of a fence that is 'reasonable' in the circumstances.
By Adam Bye
Some speeding offences can result in you automatically losing your licence as well as other penalties - seek legal advice!
By Mitchell Micevski, Byron Turner
The matter was heard by the NRL Judiciary in a 3 hour hearing, resulting in the panel delivering a " not guilty" verdict.
By Michael Mobberley, Olivia Southall
Five key items to consider when negotiating a lease.
By Emily Davoren
The restraint of trade clause must be reasonably necessary to protect the employer's legitimate business interests.
By Michael Mobberley
New legislation has been dubbed "the toughest yet" - in the fight to balance interests of landlords and owner occupiers.
By Franca Parolin, Olivia Southall
Access to a court file is generally only permitted to the parties involved and named in the court proceedings on file.
By Mark Evans, Byron Turner
Whilst you do not have a right to a view, this article outlines when you should lodge a submission to Council.