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By Gökçe Çelen
The rules governing mobbing and harassment in the work place had been set out in precedent court decisions, indirectly in the Turkish Civil Code, Labor Code until the recent entry into force of the new Turkish Code of Obligations on July 1, 2012.
By Gökçe Çelen
A "release of claims", or "certificate of release", ("ibraname" in Turkish) is a document which declares the release or discharge from debt or another liability.
By Gökçe Çelen
Article 18 of the Turkish Labor Code numbered 4857, namely the "Employment Protection Act" has changed the employment environment in Turkey significantly ever since its promulgation in 2003.
By Celen Law Firm
The tradition of giving gifts to public officials while conducting business in Turkey dates back to the Ottoman era and Turkey is still considered by many as a high risk jurisdiction.
By Celen Law Firm
The Turkish Labour Code numbered 4857 which entered into force on 10.06.2003 does not have a specific provision regarding the transfer of employees. However, the draft law sent to the Parliament Commission did include an article 7 titled "transfer of employment contracts" in between article 6 "transfer of the work place", and article 8 "secondment".
By Celen Law Firm
The right to vacation is a fundamental right in accordance with article 50 of the Turkish Constitution.
The Turkish Ministry of Health is obliged to keep the content of the license registration dossiers confidential under Article 28 of the Turkish License Regulation and article 39 of TRIPS.
The general overview of Turkish Labor Law's provisions concerning the legal framework for the calculation of redundancy payments, in particular notice periods and severance payments.
The framework for pricing of pharmaceutical products in Turkey is set by the Council of Ministers decision numbered 2007/12325 published in the Official Gazette on 30.6.2007 and numbered 25568 (last updated on 04.12.2009) ("Decision").