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Elizabetes 15
By Edvinas Meskys
Currently a large part of politicians, economists and lawyers are working hard to ensure that a recent bank bankruptcy story would not repeat itself.
By Triinu Hiob
Under the Estonian Civil Procedure Code, a court action can be secured by a judicial mortgage, in order to ensure that later the debtor has sufficient property for the judgment to be enforced.
By Jurgita Petkutė
The disputes arising from sport relations are very particular and because of that - most often settled in specialized courts of sport arbitration.
By Irina Kostina
Further to the topic raised in the previous Newsletter about status of a board member at an enterprise in the context of the labour law and responses of the Court of Justice (hereafter CJ) to the request for preliminary ruling submitted by the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate of the Supreme Court (hereafter, the Senate) an overview of the adjudications contained in the judgment of the Senate will be given.