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By Nerida Whelan
While safe harbour provisions introduce flexibility for companies and directors, Queensland has tightened regulations.
By Paul O'Dea
This draft legislation shifts responsibility for paying GST on new residential premises from developers to purchasers.
By Nerida Whelan
PBAs are trust accounts, intended to protect down the line subcontractors from the insolvency of up the line contractors.
By Paul O'Dea
The Office of State Revenue (Queensland) has updated conditions under which ex gratia relief from AFAD can be sought.
By Paul O'Dea
A key component of this new legislation is an annual vacancy fee imposed on foreign owners of residential real estate.
By Peter Karcher
Gone is the time when there was doubt around whether email exchanges could form a valid binding agreement.
By Ben Keenan
No building contractor can tender for Commonwealth funded building work unless their industrial instrument is compliant.
By James Nickless
This article is aimed at practical and proactive steps for Bodies Corporate to take to protect lot owners and residents.
By Brad Vinning
The Pinterest trade mark wars are a great case study of how descriptive words are notoriously difficult to trade mark.
By Murray Procter
The Bill was in response to the recommendations in the review after the Dreamworld and Eagle Farm workplace fatalities.
By Brad Vinning
The article includes a 10-step guide to SaaS agreements so that you know exactly what's involved and how to get started.
By Paul O'Dea
These changes represent a government intention to crack down on foreign property investors evading tax obligations.
By Brad Vinning
Although this case will be played out in America, if it were in Australia, the early arguments from PayPal look shaky.
By John Gray
When an agreement is cancelled, the NSW Act provides that duty may not be imposed, and duty already paid may be refunded.
By Paul O'Dea
The Act exempts certain agreements that are cancelled and also provides for a reassessment if payment has been made.
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