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By Ruby Mackenzie-Harris, Brad Vinning
If you register your business name as a word trade mark that matches your domain name, your IP rights would be protected.
By Murray Procter
An employer must be able to give evidence about the employees' understanding of an enterprise agreement before approval.
By Elle Zhang, Peter Karcher
The Amazon Brand Registry can help registered brand owners protect trade marks on Amazon and deal with counterfeit goods.
By Brad Vinning
If your business uses or collects data of customers, clients or user who reside in the European Union, open this article.
By Nerida Whelan
Article discusses amendments to Corporations Act and their effects on the construction industry.
By Elle Zhang
This article looks at the enforceability of automatic renewal clauses in light of the unfair contract terms regime.
By Jessica Rose
Failure to keep employee records results in penalties as well as difficulty in disproving alleged employee underpayments.
By Murray Procter, Ben Keenan
Article discusses the new comic contract movement and its pros and cons.
By Ashlee Miller
Managers need to ensure proper process for redundancy is followed, to avoid unfair dismissal and adverse action claims.
By Peter Karcher, Jake Reid
Most reported data breach notifications occurred as a result of human error, closely followed by malicious or criminal attacks. .
By Ben Keenan, Mitchell Teasdale
Employers should have a robust and effective WHS system or the costs can be severe – both personally and financially.
By Paul O'Dea
These new laws will shift the responsibility for paying GST on new residential premises from developers to purchasers.
By Kate Gardner, Suzette Caldaroni
The CSF regime provides an online, innovative, accessible and cost effective process for companies to source capital.
By Ruby Mackenzie-Harris, Brad Vinning
Article discusses online agreements, their origins, how to identify them, their legal enforceability and recommendations.
By Ben Keenan
Recent decisions (jail time and high penalties) underscore the importance of having a robust and effective WHS management system.
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