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By Joel Wertman
On January 5, 2016, FINRA published its 11th annual Regulatory and Examination Priorities Letter which highlights emerging and existing risks that could adversely affect investors and market integrity in 2016.
By Samuel Cohen
In a recent decision dated December 26, 2012, the Pennsylvania Superior Court reaffirmed that psychological damage to real property is not considered a material defect in the property that must be revealed by the seller to the buyer.
By Jack Gruenstein, Stephanie Rawitt
There are times when the simplest of tasks can create the biggest of problems for employers.
By David Shannon
As social media continues to expand on the internet, more and more businesses are developing and setting up their own websites.
By Ronda O'Donnell
As its business affairs and expenses have grown, there has been an increased alert on the part of the government to protect its interests against false claims filed.
By G. Jay Habas, Jon Watson
The Marcellus Shale formation in Pennsylvania has spurred a boom in natural gas exploration and led to an explosion in job opportunities, lucrative land leases and concerns over environmental hazards.
By Mark Mattioli, Nicholas Gaudiosi, D. Scott Jones
Healthcare providers and their Professional Medical Liability (PML) insurers face a unique nexus of medical malpractice litigation and government regulation.
By Joel Wertman
Providing useful guidance as to the parameters of permissible discovery in public customer arbitrations has been an ongoing task for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for more than a decade.
By Jason Banonis
In keeping with the times, the growing trend of Pennsylvania trial courts agrees that defense attorneys may use social media postings to poke holes in damages claims.
As the economy struggles to recover its footing, and as new costly, programs are created, the focus of the government, whether federal, state or local, increasingly has been to pursue both criminal and regulatory investigations with the goals of rooting out fraud and abuse, and generating revenue.
In January 2010, the Pennsylvania Superior Court took the relatively bold step of affirming the trial court and decertifying a class action in the case of Clark v. Pfizer, Inc., 2010 PA Super 6 (January 19, 2010).
By Christopher Boyle
The Perfect Storm. A combination of factors, great and small, signals trouble for employers throughout the country. Recent changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"), combined with an increase in funding for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC"),
By Robin Romano
The Day and Robinson cases solidify the burden of proof in voluntary retirement cases to the employer's advantage.
By Samuel G. Casolari, Jr, Beau D. Hollowell
After striking down two prior statutes, the Ohio Supreme Court has upheld the Ohio Legislature’s third attempt to significantly limit an employee’s ability to recover damages for workplace intentional torts.
More and more businesses are making virtual currency part of their business model. While the use of virtual currency provides great opportunities, businesses need to be aware of the emerging legal issues before using it as a means to build customer loyalty.