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By Peter Stauber, Rea Diamantatou
In 2016 and until June 2017, Germany's Federal Cartel Office ("FCO") reviewed around 1,200 merger filings. A detailed review in Phase II proceedings has been initiated and/or concluded in 14 cases.
By Kathrin Westermann, Peter Stauber
In its 2016 Annual Economic Report, the German Federal Government announced that as part of the upcoming 9th amendment to the German Act Against Restraints of Competition (ARC), ...
By Michael Bergmann, Pascal Schumacher
In July, the Federal Network Agency announced that its draft proposal for new transparency rules will be forwarded to the German parliament for approval soon.
By Joachim Schrey
The German Regulation on Services Information Duties (DL-InfoV) entered into force on 17 May 2010, implementing the EU Services Regulation 20067123/EC (DL-RL) into German law.
By Kristina Schwarting
Drafting "watertight" license agreements from the perspective of tax law presents challenges, especially where cross-border contractual relations are concerned.