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By James O'Flinn
Barcelona and Argentina football superstar Lionel Messi recently succeeded in registering his name as a trade mark following a lengthy legal battle.
By Jimmy Desai, Oliver Smith
Added to that is the importance of keeping that data secure, even in what might seem to be unlikely circumstances. Rogue employees are a major cause of data breaches.
By ZoŽ Bloom
Broaching the subject and negotiating the terms is frightening and can expose difficulties in relationships.
By Stephen Levinson
Mediation of workplace disputes is rightly praised.
By Rachel Tozer
With GDPR D-Day looming less than a month away, there is a noticeable increase in the work which companies and particularly HR teams are doing to prepare for 25 May.
By Stephen Clow
Spotify is an exciting company and the chosen source, by many, for great music.
By Claire O'Flinn
Divorce and financial settlements England and Wales are determined by the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 which itself adopted aspects of the Divorce Reform Act 1969.
By Anastasia Papadopoulou
There are many variables involved in establishing the length of a journey for diesel engine powered ships such as age, size, fuel capacity, speed, and consumption, amongst others.
By Keystone Law
In the wake of scandals such as the Presidents Club and POTUS Trump's alleged infidelities, the Non- Disclosure Agreement has fallen under intense scrutiny, being labelled the "hush agreement", synonymous only with cover-ups and wrongdoing.
By Keystone Law
All those eligible for a partial refund on their power of attorney fees can apply from today (1 February 2018).
By Philippa Cobb
Universities are increasingly commercialising their operations, and this includes, to a large degree, their property assets, both to enhance the student experience and to generate revenue.
By Oliver Smith
Online scams and cybercrime are hot topics for this year's World Consumer Right's Day. Almost all of us now shop online, but how can we ensure that we are staying safe ...
By Claire Shaw
Over the past few decades, the charity sector has experienced a greater level of competitiveness, more funding and the opportunity to be more daring than ever before.
By Stephen Levinson
Sex has always had an appeal for headline writers.
By Jonathan Coad
Shortly after I took the file over, the ill-drafted defence that I inherited was struck out, and the prospects of defending the action looked bleak...
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