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By Alina Koretska
The XXI century is deservedly considered the Age of Alternative Energy.
By Yevgeniy Starikov
On March 09, 2011 a new version of the Act of Ukraine "On Enforcement Proceedings" entered into force. It should be noted that the necessity of adoption of new provisions regulating the process of the judgments enforcement is long overdue as the situation on distressed debts enforcement in Ukraine is threshold to some extend.
By Andriy Kristenko, Volodymyr Grinchenko
Ukraine has recently just begun to assimilate into the world’s trade market as its full member.
By Olena Parkhomenko, Nataliya Yevchuk
On 1 April 2011 all the provisions of the newly-adopted Tax Code of Ukraine dated 2 December 2010 No.2756-VI came into force. Principle changes introduced by the Tax Code concern corporate income tax.
The experts appraised the market of wine in Ukraine at approximately 23 mln decalitres of wine or USD 800 million. 85% of wine is produced by Ukrainian companies and 15% is imported.
By Alina Koretska
On 1 January 2011 came into effect the Tax Code of Ukraine, which significantly changed the rules of taxation of non-residents.
By Alina Koretska, Veronika Vasilchenko
Nowadays Ukrainian employers tend more and more often to employ foreign nationals, especially in cases when there is a need for highly-qualified staff in a new business areas, which are not sufficiently developed in Ukraine or when it is necessary a position to be held only by a foreigner (e.g. Director of a foreign company subsidiary in Ukraine).
By Olena Parkhomenko
The Ukrainian IT-market is still one of the most dynamic and promising markets among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe due to Ukraine is among the five leading economies in the field of software development.
By Andriy Kristenko
On 1 January 2011 the Tax Code of Ukraine (hereinafter - the Code), adopted by Ukrainian parliament on 2 December 2010 had entered into force.
By Olena Parkhomenko
From a number of Ukraine’s economy industries agribusiness is obviously the most attractive one for foreign investors. In 2009, in the thick of the financial crisis, Ukrainian agrarian companies managed to attract more than 12% of the world investments.
By Anton Zinchuk
10 years ago words "Eurobonds", "IPO", "syndicated loans", etc. were know in Ukraine for most only to the experts and the relevant instruments were very rarely used to finance national businesses.
By Sergey Silchenko
It is no secret that Ukraine is striving to become a fully-fledged member of the international business community.
By Olena Khytrova
Debt recovery became issue No.1 in Ukraine for the past year. In particular, it is of special concern for Ukrainian banks.
By Sergey Silchenko
At present Ukrainian business people are facing economic difficulties which force them to take unpopular measures aimed at supporting their businesses during the crisis.
The national wine industry originated in the XIX century and is one of the oldest in Ukraine. Today approximately 200 enterprises handle the processing of grapes and manufacturing of wine, champagne and cognac.