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By Albert Toledo Oms
Una reciente sentencia del TJUE ha dado la razón a una empresa que prohibió a sus trabajadores el uso visible de signos religiosos.
By Carlos Blanco Morillo
Article 348 bis of the Law on Corporations establishing the right of separation for shareholders in the event of a lack of distributions in the form of dividends of at least one third of the profits...
By Roger Pla Madrid
On 14 April 2014, a notice appeared stating that the company Schneider Electric, together with partner companies such as Cisco, had reached an agreement with Barcelona's Council to establish their first Smart City in Barcelona...
By Ana Just Zuazu, Maria Gracia Llácer Muñoz
The conclusions presented last 13 July by the Advocate-General of the European Court of Justice regarding the compatibility of the limitation of the retroactivity of the annulment of floor clauses with EU law seem not to have entirely cleared up the matter.
By Marta Sagalá García
The second, more limited theory is of the view that there is only a corporate succession with regard to the transferred employees.
By Carles Calafell Gay
It is a common practice in the legal sector, particularly in the event of ongoing advice, that professionals include in their honoraria invoices a brief text such as, for example, "legal services for Q1"...
By Anna Viladàs Jené, Jordi Saldaña Solera, María Lasala Veiga
After many years of negotiations, on 27 April 2016, the European Regulation concerning the protection of individuals in respect of the processing of personal data and the free movement of this data, has finally seen the light of day.
By Roger Pla Madrid
We are in the final stretch and after returning from holidays we find ourselves subject to an avalanche of news regarding the property market.
By Xavier Foz Giralt, Anton Golovkin
This fact results in some regulated entities being forced to request their clients for a certified copy of their identity documents, which distorts the nature of remote activities.
By Pilar Baltar, Teresa Perea
The secondment of workers within the EU is a phenomenon that is increasingly apparent in today's legal world, given that between 2010 and 2014 the number of workers on secondment within the EU increased by approximately 45%.
By Lluís Saura Lluvià
This is what is at the forefront of the debate on the "tourism model" that Barcelona needs.
By Rafel Audivert Arau, Jéssica Ramírez Cantero
The procedure starts with a notice to the owner of the business to contact an Environmental Control Agency [Entidad Ambiental de Control] (EAC), which performs the inspection.
By Àlex Santacana Folgueroles, Pilar Baltar Fillol
There is thus no denying the significant role played by the ECJ as an interpreter of Community law, valuing its interest in opening Community legislation up to new spaces, as yet unexplored.
By Rosa Sanz
The recent Act 38/2015 of 29 September 2015 concerning the Rail Industry satisfies various requirements: on the one hand, the need to implement Directive 2012/34 EU, Recast, of the European Parliament and the European Council, by which a single European railway area is established ..
By David Olivares
On the 23rd of July, 2015, the new Law, 15/2015, of the 2nd of July, on Voluntary Jurisdiction, came into effect, with significant changes being introduced from a commercial point of view.