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By Les O'Connor
In the April, 2017 case of Deslaurier Custom Cabinets v. 1728106 Ontario Inc., 2017 ONCA 293, the Ontario Court of Appeal had occasion to revisit an issue that it had previously dealt with in the same case...
By Nikiforos Iatrou, Anastasija Sumakova
WeirFoulds partner Nikiforos Iatrou and associate Anastasija Sumakova contributed to the Winter 2018 issue of Today's General Counsel with their article, "Mandatory Arbitration Isn't Always Mandatory in Canada".
By Caroline Abela
In December 2017, the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in Cowper-Smith v. Morgan, 2017 SCC 61, a case dealing with the issue of proprietary estoppel.
By Heather Douglas, Yulya Margolin
The Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act, 2015 ("IJPA") in section 6(2) sets out principles for the provincial government to regulate asset management planning for municipalities.
By Sandra Astolfo
Acceleration; critical path; milestones; liquidated damage; change directives; and change orders.
By Kayla Theeuwen
International Anti-Corruption Day has been recognized on an annual basis since the passage of the United Nations Convention against Corruption – which Canada has ratified – in 2003.
By Michael Statham
In Yip v. HSBC Holdings plc, a decision released on November 20, 2017, Justice Perell awarded partial indemnity costs of $1 million to defendants that had succeeded
By Michael Dolphin, Aashima Singh
Our coverage is succinct and targeted to serve the needs of issuers and their advisors. For more detailed information on our service offerings, please visit us online at
By Scott McGrath
Many mortgage enforcement actions proceed through Ontario courts every day. When mortgagees are not paid in accordance with the terms to which they have agreed with the mortgagor...
By Jordan Stone
In Rohringer v Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (2017),1 the Divisional Court issued its first decision applying the new interim suspension powers in the Regulated Health Professions Act ("RHPA").
By Lisa Borsook, Robert Eisenberg
Canadian cannabis producers are in a race to increase their size and gain capital ahead of Canada's planned recreational cannabis legalization in July 2018.
By Caroline Abela, Megan Mah
According to a 2012 survey conducted by lawyers' insurance company LawPRO, 56 per cent of Canadian adults do not have a signed will and 71 per cent do not have a signed power of attorney.
By Anastasija Sumakova
The Principles were developed by the Sedona Conference Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production...
By Hayley Peglar
In Romeo v. Ford Motor Co.,[1] a recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Justice E.M. Morgan considered the principles applicable to a motion to intervene in a certification motion ...
By Christopher J Tzekas
Recent case law has stressed the importance of regulatory tribunals ensuring that their processes be transparent and intelligible...
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