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By Hayley Peglar
Over the past year, the Court of Appeal for Ontario has released a number of decisions which consider the application of limitation periods in trusts and estates litigation.
By Clare Burns
WeirFoulds Partner Clare Burns co-authored an article in The Lawyer's Daily providing some useful tips on how estate practitioners can deal with unusual assets.
By Scott McGrath
Many business contracts include broad arbitration clauses meant to apply to any issue related to the interpretation, application and operation of the contract.
By Scott McGrath
Closely held corporations do not operate pursuant to a different statute than widely held corporations. Generally speaking, all corporations created pursuant to the same business corporation statute...
By Ryan Morris
On July 18, 2017, becoming or staying an employee (particularly a government employee) became more attractive.
By Marie-Andrée Vermette
WeirFoulds litigation partner Marie-Andrée Vermette is a contributor to the July 2017 edition of Advocacy Matters, one of the newsletters produced by The Advocates' Society,
By Michael Connell, Lia Boritz
On May 30, 2017, Bill 139 passed first reading. Bill 139 would, among other things, continue the Ontario Municipal Board ("OMB") under the new name "Local Planning Appeal Tribunal"...
By Denise Baker
Over the past few days there have been a series of announcements from the province of Ontario regarding the introduction of legislation related to reforms of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)...
By Marie-Andrée Vermette
The Supreme Court's unanimous decision clarifies the criteria governing the imposition of personal liability on corporate directors in oppression cases.
By Robert Eisenberg
The rise of the "sharing economy" has spawned many new industries, but perhaps one of the most prominent (together with ride sharing) has been the explosion in "vacation rental by owner" services...
By Raj Anand
ICJC members are often required to distill everyday questions of law and practice through a prism of rule of law.
By Jordan Glick
Virtually every regulator engages in some form of consumer protection. Concerns relating to false billing, misleading advertising, and the failure to deliver products and services can be found in nearly...
By Glenn Ackerley
For many years construction industry groups have been demanding changes in the law about payment on construction projects and how disputes are resolved.
By Ralph Kroman
CASL generally provides that commercial electronic messages cannot be sent by organizations unless express or implied consent exists.
By Debbie Tarshis
On May 30, 2017, Bill 87, Protecting Patients Act, 2017 (the Act), was passed by the government.
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