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By Chris Chow
Computer Games such as Aliens vs Predator, Left 4 Dead 2, and Fallout 3 are amongst a number of computer games that have been banned (at least initially) from release in Australia. Currently, if a computer game is considered by the Classification Board to be of a category which should be more restricted than M 15+, then the game may not be released in Australia. Perhaps if there was an R 18+ category those games and many others would not have been banned.
By Adam Simpson
As required by the New York court, the parties to the Google Book Copyright Action have sent out a Supplemental Notice summarising the proposed amendments to the originally proposed settlement agreement. (We reported those proposed amendments in our earlier news item dated 26 November 2009.)
By Chris Chow
The laws relating to R 18+ classifications for both films and computer games have recently been under the microscope. The Federal Government has released a discussion paper relating to the introduction of an R 18+ rating for computer games and the South Australian Government has passed an act amending their laws relating to the promotion of R 18+ classified films.