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An Act to give further effect to rights and freedoms guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights; to make provision with respect to holders of certain judicial offices who become judges of the European Court of Human Rights; and for connected purposes."
By Kat Hacker
You’re fleeing your country, being persecuted for your political beliefs.
By Pinar Coktas
When the right for a migrant to work in the UK is in question, a division is usually made between EEA nationals and the rest of the world.
By James Packer
The Court of Appeal in the case of "Bhata", a case 'of general application', criticised the approach of Administrative Court Judges to relief and costs and forcefully restated the principle that their judgments represent the law until and unless they are overturned.
By Seher Toguz
Duncan Lewis recently pursued a prison law judicial review case which dealt with adjudication charges against five prisoners.
By Alexander Cooray
An applicant who applies for leave to remain in the United Kingdom, but is refused, will only be able to appeal the decision if at the time that they applied for the leave they already had leave of some sort, unless the Home Office go on to make a decision to remove the applicant (which gives rise to a separate right of appeal).
By Miranda Sirikanda
A short decision by the European Court of Justice, Ruiz Zambrano (European Citizenship) [2011] EUECJ – C- 34/09, has struck a clean blow against the bid by Member State Governments to exclude regulation of their nationals, who have never exercised their right to free movement, from the domain of European Law.
By James Packer
Duncan Lewis were today granted permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal against decisions refusing to award costs to the Claimants in the High Court in a test case.
By Kate Luscombe
The Upper Tribunal took a landmark decision, following an application on AH’s behalf by Duncan Lewis, by ordering that the First-tier Mental Health Tribunal hold a public hearing of AH's application for discharge from hospital, establishing the important principle that open justice should extend to the usually private setting of mental health tribunals.
In our earlier ARTICLE (link) ‘Supreme Court for the "Superior Court"?’ we predicted that the issue of whether, and if so on what basis, the Upper Tribunal was susceptible to judicial review would have to be settled by the Supreme Court.
By Adam Tear
It is envisaged that the Tribunal will exercises the power of the High Court when Section 15 of the Tribunal, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 comes fully into force.
By Idnan Deen
The issue of Child Abduction has become an ever more increasing worry for families where one parent lives abroad in recent times.
By Pinar Coktas
The 2008 Consumer Credit Directive was adopted on 23 April 2008, replacing the previous Consumer Credit Directive.
Only the cynical would doubt that the government had the best of intentions in raising the age of both parties to a marriage from 18 to 21 with the stated aim of tackling the acknowledged evil of forced marriage.
By Adam Makepeace
A month ago, the government announced plans to wipe £350m off the legal aid budget and if carried through, over 500,000 of the most vulnerable members of our society will no longer have access to justice.