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By Sudhir Sivarajah
The courts will not take kindly to proceedings being brought to court in circumstances where claims have no basis.
By Andrew Cairns
A company was fined and ordered to pay compensation plus interest and costs for dismissing an employee on sick leave.
By Tim McDonald
After expert evidence, FWA determined that on-site drug testing should be by the use of saliva swabs / oral fluid.
By Vanessa Marano
The injuries suffered while having sex on a business trip were held to be sustained within the course of her employment.
By Elizabeth Radley
An employer must be able to demonstrate the post-termination restraint clause was appropriately drafted and reasonable.
By Amanda Gilkes
This case demonstrates the importance of having appropriate polices and procedures to handle complaints in a business.
By Raphael Perla
The failure of the hotel to evict aggressive patrons did not constitute a breach of a licensed premises’ duty of care.
By Berren Hamilton
The court recognised legal professional privilege as an important common law right, to be abrogated only by legislation.
By Liam Casey
This decison may cause insurers to reconsider the appropriateness of obtaining medicolegal reports at an early stage.
By Danielle Sirio
Even where there is no written policy prepared, invoice issued or premium paid, a contract of insurance may still exist.
By Stephen Taylor-Jones
The case was the first appellate consideration of an alternative theory of causation of lung cancer since Amaca v Ellis.
By Maddalena Del Vecchio
The NSW Supreme Court held that the accountant was not liable for the investment losses suffered by its client.
By Sean O'Sullivan
Parties may be found proportionately liable for losses caused by other parties when they could prevent those losses.
By Lee-Anne Dimmock
Businesses should audit internal practices and commercial documents to ensure preservation of their security interests.
By Marissa Dimarco
Recent decisions have highlighted the importance of care and precision when drafting clauses in commercial agreements.