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By Hugh Cummins
The "Act" came into force on 25 July 2016. The Act constitutes a welcome effort to regulate payments and disputes resolution in certain contractual arrangements in the construction industry.
By Sophie More O’Ferrall
A discussion on a decision of the Supreme Court, which is a ground‐breaking one in circumstances where numerous previous decisions of the High Court on the same issue had found that the Minister for Justice was not obliged to provide reasons to explain decisions in relation to the grant or refusal of certificates of naturalisation.
By Jonathan Kelly
We reported last month on the Irish Government's plans to introduce additional IP tax incentives arising from its April emergency budget. Details of those incentives have now been published.
By Anne Bateman
The Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act 2009 was passed by the Irish legislature on Friday 27 February 2009, and was signed into law by the President the following day.