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By E. Paul Kanefsky, Robert DiUbaldo
Non-parties to the reinsurance agreement are often in a unique position to provide important information to cedents and reinsurers engaged in arbitration.
By Laurie Kamaiko, Steven Nassi
Two companion decisions by the state's highest court held that, in addition to recovering policy proceeds, policyholders may recover consequential damages resulting from an insurer's breach of a policy, at least in certain circumstances where the insurer is found to have breached its duty of good faith and fair dealing and the damages were foreseeable and quantifiable.
By John McCarrick, Peter de Boisblanc, Maurice Pesso
The current economic crisis, including the subprime lending crisis and the subsequent credit crisis, has resulted in hundreds of lawsuits and scores of government investigations seeking to hold someone – anyone – responsible for the billions of dollars that virtually evaporated in the past two years.