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By Joseph Lazzarotti, Jason Gavejian
New Jersey has joined 12 other states in enacting a law that prohibits employers from requiring or requesting access to employees' and applicants' personal social media accounts.
By Roger Kaplan, Michael Lotito
Jackson Lewis LLP, on behalf of the Retail Litigation Center, Inc., has filed with the National Labor Relations Board a "friend-of-the-court" brief urging the Board to limit non-employee union agents’ right to access store property to communicate to shoppers the union’s disagreement with the way the retailer is operating.
By James Shea
In a case closely watched by hospital administrators and residency programs around the country, a Connecticut jury vindicated the decision of the Program Director for the General Surgery Residency Program at St. Mary’s Hospital to require a surgical resident to repeat a year of training rather than advance to his Chief Resident year. Golek v. St. Mary’s Hospital, Inc.
By Mark Askanas, Rob Pattison
Reversing a judgment in favor of a class of employees, the California Court of Appeal has ruled that an employer's formula for calculating overtime compensation on bonuses paid to hourly employees did not violate the California Labor Code or the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.