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By Brian Radnoff
The Top 5 this month deal with a successful oppression action brought by a court-appointed monitor, the limitation period for claims for wrongful dismissal and severance pay, an order for Crown wardship, ...
By Jacob Damstra
In a recent decision, Wakulich v. Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, 2017 ONSC 6435, Justice T. Maddalena clarified the ability of a party to a proceeding under the Provincial Offences Act ...
By Mark J. Freiman
To assist in getting into the holiday spirit, the Court of Appeal's decisions from November cover a festive potpourri of subjects: procedural fairness on certification motions, the procedural fairness implications when a matter is decided on a basis that was not pleaded, the court's jurisdiction to vary a child support order …
By John Brennan
Circumstances leading to a breakdown in a business relationship are often unforeseen at the outset of the relationship.
By Ryan P. R. McNeil
One such issue is the proper service of divorce or custody Applications on a spouse who is living or working abroad.
By Carolyn Brandow
The appellants, Marc Holterman and Thomas Tiffin, commenced an action for misfeasance in public office against the respondents, the Attorney General of Canada and Andrew Fish, a Canada Revenue Agency investigator.
By Jacob Damstra
Municipalities and other public bodies are charged with making decisions which have wide-reaching impacts across broad swaths of society.
By Allison C. Dale
A power of attorney is a legal document whereby you give a trusted person or persons (the attorney or attorneys) the authority to manage your affairs if you are not able to look after matters on your own.
By Carolyn Lloyd
We've all heard of ADR or "Alternative Dispute Resolution". I'm proposing we re-consider the use of the word "alternative" regarding dispute resolution.
By Jacob Damstra
Municipalities and other public bodies are charged with making decisions which have wide-reaching impacts across broad swaths of society.
By Jordan McKie
Many spousal support payors assume that their spousal support obligations will end when they retire. If you are paying support to a former spouse, however, don't assume that your support obligations will end with your employment.
By Jacob Damstra
At the end of 2016, the Supreme Court of Canada released two companion decisions affirming the fundamental importance of solicitor-client privilege and litigation privilege to the proper functioning of the Canadian legal system.
By Anne A. Juntunen
In this article written for Claims Canada, insurance defence lawyer, Anne Juntunen discusses Canada's first cyber coverage decision in The Brick v. Chubb.
By Jacob Damstra
A strategic lawsuit against public participation – a "SLAPP" suit – or "gag proceeding", is a tactic employed by corporations or well-resourced individuals to silence critics...
By Genevieve Samuels
Meeting with a lawyer for the first time can be a daunting prospect, especially in the context of any family law issue; moreover, when you first need a family law lawyer, many issues or problems you are experiencing will likely be affecting much of your day-to-day life making an appointment with a lawyer even more overwhelming or confusing.
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