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By David Segal, Pippa Tolfts
"To achieve maximum competitiveness, medical device companies should review their intellectual property on a regular basis."
By Jackie Maguire
With over 65% of a company’s value now typically deriving directly from intangible assets, including intellectual property, it is not surprising that organisations are increasingly dependent on the ability of their management teams to effectively harness and convert these assets into sources of revenue.
Will Guernsey set a trend for others to follow – or will this new IP right rise and fall in the Channel Islands?
By Jackie Maguire
A webinar/audio broadcast on developing a successful IP Strategy is now available for listening in.
By Jackie Maguire
On 12 October 2012, IAFS, the Intangible Asset Finance Society, discussed the process through which valuable Intellectual Property is first created.
By Jackie Maguire
BBC News invited Coller IP to speak about Intellectual Property issues around the recent developments in 3D printing technology.
By Jim Asher
An M&A event can generate huge excitement. Behind the scenes, however, a detailed due diligence process is needed to check financial, legal and commercial details of the proposed deal and to identify risks.
By Jackie Maguire, Maurice Alphandary
Coller IP has been carrying out IP Audits for a wide range of companies over many years. Recently our recognised IP Professionals have been commissioned to carry out IP audits in Scotland, England and Wales for companies with funding support from the UKIPO.
By Jackie Maguire, Maurice Alphandary
An area often not considered as fully as it should during an M&A is the real value of the intangible assets of the target acquisition company. This can make a big difference to the money that changes hands — or even whether the deal takes place at all.
By Jackie Maguire
Managing intellectual assets, including intellectual property effectively is vital to business success and, unfortunately, the threat of IP crime needs to be taken seriously.
By Maurice Alphandary, Jackie Maguire
Intangible assets such as brands now contribute by far the greatest shareholder value in most sectors and many organisations consider their brand to be one of their most important assets.
By Jackie Maguire
We reflect on the many parallels between the birth of sporting personality brands and the birth of brand value in any other business.
By Jackie Maguire, David Segal
Companies that are developing LED lighting products need to have an awareness of the wider patent landscape to help them develop, protect and exploit their own intellectual property to its fullest.
By Jackie Maguire
Andrew Clay, Squire Sanders (UK) LLP provided guidance on how IP professionals could become aware of potential tax issues that may affect their clients. His advice is underpinned by 20 years experience in dealing with contentious and non-contentious IP matters and a history of being taught how to structure patent claims by his serial inventor father from the age of eight!
IP History in the making as a US court on Friday 24th August ordered Samsung to pay Apple over $1bn (£664m) after ruling it had infringed Apple’s Intellectual Property.