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By Sarane Siewerth
Most people who have been either the petitioner or the respondent in a contested dissolution of marriage action know that they have a right to appeal from the final judgment.
By Charles Fleck
In today's economic environment, it is a very difficult decision to opt for a divorce and end a dysfunctional relationship.
By Sarane Siewerth
Skilled, experienced attorneys know that, from the very first meeting with a client, they prepare that case keeping in mind the possibility of an appeal.
By Andrea Muchin
Between 2005 and 2007, the Illinois Legislature passed a series of amendments to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act addressing grandparent visitation.
By Michelle Lawless
In previous publications, we observed that commuter marriages and removal cases are on the rise because of unemployment and job transfers to another state.
By Burton Hochberg
If you follow the tabloids and Hollywood divorces, you might mistakenly believe that property is automatically divided 50/50 in a divorce.
By Eric Schulman
Family law practitioners sometimes must obtain protection for clients who are victims of domestic abuse.
By Joseph DuCanto
Well over one-third of the adults in the USA have been divorced, often accompanied by legally enforceable obligations for child support or alimony.
By Joseph DuCanto
Prenuptial agreements have become very popular with people of modest wealth as a means for preserving that wealth when entering into a marriage.
By Timothy Daw
A frequent issue for family law practitioners is what is "net income" for child support purposes.
The sale of personal residence has hit a solid wall! Stories abound of home sellers reducing substantially the asking prices for their homes which still languish unsold for well over a year and, in some cases, two or more.
By James Galvin
In 1982, United States Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger pointed out, "The obligation of our profession is, or has long been thought to be, to serve as healers of human conflict."
The importance of child support cannot be disputed, and income withholding is one of the most effective ways we can enforce it.
By Eric Schulman
Divorce practitioners often attempt to impute future income to a party seeking maintenance who the attorney alleges is voluntarily unemployed or under-employed.
By Joseph DuCanto
I never wanted to be a lawyer until I became one. Admittedly, a rather startling statement for one who has clung tenaciously to the practice for more than 50 years; something in the mix mesmerizes the mind to make the initial bond indestructible.