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By Charles Bavin, Matt Gauci
The Court will only grant an adjournment if it is satisfied that it is in the interests of the company's creditors.
By Danny Khoshaba, Jurgita Visockaite
In recent case involving a claim for work injury damages, the court looked at many different factors in reaching its decision.
By Russell Wiese, Lynne Grant
The ABF has made it clear that the focus will be trade that does not involve a Trusted Trader (Australia's AEO program).
By Russell Wiese, Lynne Grant
Many contracts with Chinese suppliers have been drafted in a manner whereby a Chinese Court will not enforce them.
By Nick Miller
If merging with another business, there is a lot to consider and you need to plan very carefully to avoid the risks.
By Bill Hazlett
A VRL tax applies to residential property in specified areas of Melbourne, pursuant to changes to the Land Tax Act 2005.
By Russell Wiese, Lynne Grant
The TPP still represents significant opportunities for exporters to Australia, and importers of Australian goods.
By Russell Wiese, Lynne Grant
The risks around customs fraud can extend to purchasers who were not the importer of record or involved in the fraud.
By Russell Wiese, Nick Miller
The ACCC has alleged that this waste management company's standard form contract contains unfair terms and conditions.
By Russell Wiese, Lynne Grant
Companies need to provide as much protection as possible for not only the company but also its officers and employees.
By Russell Wiese, Lynne Grant
Importers of health related products should consider this decision when deciding the correct classification of a product.
By Russell Wiese, Lynne Grant
A case of this nature may not be heard again as legislation to remove the 25% local content requirement has been passed.
By Russell Wiese, Lynne Grant
This case demonstrates that where there is a tariff dispute, a very technical approach may be taken to classification.
By Russell Wiese, Lynne Grant
This case highlighted the protection for a TCO applicant that was afforded by proactively obtaining a tariff advice.
By Russell Wiese, Lynne Grant
The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement is basically an agreement where Australia agrees to do what it is already doing.
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