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By Kim Henry
Google AdWords provide a very powerful online marketing tool to advertisers. They also provide Google with its principle source of revenue. However, many high profile brand owners throughout Europe have complained that the use by competitors (without consent) of well known trade marks in Google sponsored links infringes their registered trade marks.
By Deborah Niven
We are often asked by clients what royalty rate they should negotiate in a licensing scenario, either by the licensee or licensor.
By Kirsten Toft
Ambush marketing or guerrilla marketing is a term used to describe a brand which connects itself to a particular event without paying any sponsorship fees to be an official sponsor.
By Elizabeth Ward
Those of you who have watched BBC’s show “The Apprentice” may remember Sir Alan Sugar telling everyone that branding is the key to business these days.
By Deborah Niven
Photographs can be downloaded from the Internet for use by the public which are free of charge.
By Kirsten Toft
A guide to the common issues which arise and how to avoid the pitfalls when commissioning the development of a website.
By Virtuoso Legal
From 1 October 2008 the Trade Mark Rules 2000 will be replaced with the Trade Mark Rules 2008. The Intellectual Property Office hopes that the new rules will modernise and consolidate existing trade mark laws making them more accessible
By Elizabeth Ward
Virtuoso Legal is one of the few law firms that specialises in obtaining and effecting search orders for the recovery of data from computer systems. We have a wealth of experience in this and in the related matter of electronic disclosure.
By Elizabeth Ward
On 5 May, Internet search engine Google introduced changes in the UK and Ireland to it’s online advertising policy.
By Elizabeth Ward
The infant son of J K Rowling “M”, issued a court case against a photographic agency for breach of his right to respect for his privacy under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
By Elizabeth Ward
Companies spend thousands of pounds every year on external IT security systems.
The English Courts have until recently only had the traditional remedies open to them when resolving intellectual property disputes.
In the UK it has long been established that computer programs are not classed as inventions and lack the inventive step to become patentable.
Scotland has been hit by a Trade Mark scam which has swept America in recent years.
By Elizabeth Ward
Many companies spend considerable amounts of money on making sure their product is decoratively presented with packaging and imagery that all gives a certain "value" and distinctiveness to their product.