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By Joanne Vengadesan
The highly popular social networking site Facebook is allowing its users to register their own subdomain (for example
By Carolyn Fink
In two recent cases before the High Court, Arnold J has referred the following matters to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for guidance.
By Majdoline El Abidi
UK citizens with property in France should consider tax planning in relation to their French property carefully, particularly in light of recent developments.
By John Hopper
Directors previously had a common law fiduciary duty to avoid placing themselves in situations where their interests, or the interests of a third party whom they represented, conflicted or potentially conflicted with the interests of their company.
By Alison Johnson
Claims arising out of delay in diagnosing and treating cancer tend to be more common than those concerning the standard of care provided once a diagnosis has been made.
By Emma Duff
The Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, has announced a shake-up in the assessment of doctors which is set to be the biggest change to the regulation of the medical profession in 150 years.
By Kristian Laingchild
The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 came into force on 26 May. They target rogue traders but also require all businesses - whether trading on-line, on the high street or via telephone – to treat consumers fairly.
By Carolyn Fink, Martin Anayi
The recent decision of the High Court in Wilson vs (1) Yahoo! UK Limited and (2) Overture Services Limited [2008] EWHC 361 (Ch) has shed some light on the issue of whether key word marketing is trade mark infringement.
By Rob Lyon
One such site is Facebook. With 40 million registered users worldwide, it has attracted the attentions of businesses and for good reason: these sites offer a seductive cocktail of market research, advertising, branding and PR, delivered in one manageable "profile". Unsurprisingly, this raises a host of legal issues.
By Kristian Laingchild
The owner of the well-known furniture brand "IKEA" was recently unsuccessful in its attempts to invalidate registration of the trade mark "idea", which was also registered in the European Community in relation to furniture.
By Joanne Vengadesan
Most of us in the United Kingdom are extremely familiar with the "MAESTRO" trade mark. It is the leading debit-card brand in the UK, and is more than likely emblazoned on a card tucked away in many of our wallets.
By Amanda Scally
This update is one in a series of publications produced by the Private Individuals Division of Penningtons Solicitors LLP. If you would like further details on any of the subjects covered, please contact us.
By Alison Appelboam-Meadows
When an individual recovers significant damages for personal injuries, the court must ensure that careful consideration is given to whether those damages are awarded as a conventional lump sum or as ongoing periodical payments.
By Lawrence Milner
Intellectual property rights are often used as security for loans from banks and others lending to or investing in a business.
By Alison Johnson
Following extensive debate and lobbying, the NHS Redress Act 2006 received Royal Assent last November and now provides the framework under which the Secretary of State for Health will set up an NHS redress scheme to come into force in or after April 2008. A second period of consultation on the scheme is taking place during 2007.