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By Mik Underdown
The Guernsey company is still an extremely flexible tax planning tool, whether it is a Guernsey exempt tax company, a Protected Cell Company, an Incorporated Cell Company or a Guernsey International Business Company, they all have their place in the armoury of the private client advisor.
By Mik Underdown
The Guernsey company is still an extremely useful tax planning tool and in the first of a series of four articles about the Guernsey company, Mik Underdown of the Blenheim Fiduciary Group, outlines the key components that give the Guernsey company its flexibility.
By Mik Underdown
In the first of a series of articles that will take a look at all aspects of the Guernsey Trust, Mik Underdown of Blenheim Fiduciary Group, provides a brief overview of the types of Guernsey trust available and considers their underlying structure.
By Mik Underdown
The Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) is in the process of reviewing (with a view to upgrading) the existing anti-money laundering (AML) and countering of financing of terrorism (CFT) regulations. Some of the proposed changes will also mean amendments to existing Guernsey legislation.
By Mik Underdown
Mik Underdown, MLRO of The Blenheim Group in Guernsey, provides a brief overview of one of the key proposals in the new Disclosure Law that will shortly be enacted in Guernsey.
By Mik Underdown
Following the review of the Guernsey Trust law in 2006 it is fully expected that the resultant legislative changes (to be enacted during the course of 2007) will introduce the Guernsey Foundation.
By Mik Underdown
One of the greatest strengths of Guernsey as an offshore jurisdiction is that the States of Guernsey liaise with and listen closely to, the requirements and needs of the Finance Industry. The introduction of the Protected Cell Company for the insurance sector in 1997 is an excellent example, much copied by the rest of the industry.