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By Edward Mintzer
Where a particular case is venued may have a significant impact on the admissibility of scientific expert opinions.
By Madeline Baio
Employers are more frequently seeking to include arbitration and similar types of agreements as a term of employment. Whether those agreements are enforceable, however, is not always a certainty.
By Jon Dumont
In Booth, the plaintiff brought an action against Mary Carter Paint Company, Wallace Tompkins, Crofford Hancock, B.C. Willoughby and Harry Lee Sutton for the negligent operation of their motor vehicles which resulted in the death of his wife.
By Marc Ullom
Whether we recognize them or not, passions and assumptions and speculations threaten to drive any case to legally unsupportable conclusions. Identify them early. Be prepared to control them.
By David Rosenbaum
Commercial litigation often occurs as a result of common and recurring mistakes that are made during the drafting and negotiation of contracts. As litigators and transactional attorneys, we (and our clients) often wish that we could turn-back-the-clock so that a provision or two could be added to resolve a contractual problem. Such daydreaming is particularly painful because commercial disputes frequently result in protracted and costly litigation.