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By Kirstie Wyss, Lucy De Latour
The NPSFM provides a national direction for the management of freshwater under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).
By Annie Cao
These PCE report recommendations to reduce emissions are based on key features of the UK Climate Change Act 2008.
By Michelle Mehlhopt, Imogen Edwards
These Regulations, in force on 1 May 2018, establish a nationwide consenting regime for plantation forestry activities.
By Hayden Baird
This article considers what is required of landlords under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.
By Jeremy Johnson
This 2017 amendment bill provided an important opportunity to affirm Government support for arbitration in New Zealand.
By Michelle Mehlhopt, Phillip Maw
The management of natural hazards his covered in recent amendments to the Resource Management Act 1991.
By Jeremy Johnson, Stephanie Woods, James Anson-Holland
The Arbitration Amendment Bill 2017 alleviates uncertainty and brings trust disputes clearly under the ambit of the Act.
By Bethany Entwistle
Self-representation, or going to court without a lawyer, will allow access to court, but you may not access justice.
By Angela Brown
Type of ownership is an important decision to be made before signing any documentation to purchase and transfer property.
By Jared Ormsby, Stephanie Woods, Annie Cao
The Government's Insolvency Working Group has this week issued its second report.
By Annie Cao
We discuss Commissioner of Inland Revenue v Wilson [2007] NZCA 100.
By Stephanie Woods
If the debtor decides to appeal your money judgment, in most cases you should continue to take enforcement steps.
By Kirstie Wyss
The Court declarations are a timely reminder for consent authorities when considering applications for resource consents.
By Lucy De Latour, Julia McKeown
This article is an update in relation to urban planning & development and what it might mean for the future of the RMA.
By Laura Wood
From 16 March 2017, EPAs in the old forms that are not fully executed will need to be re-done on the new forms.
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