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This article explores some changes to group insurance brought about by the Stronger Super reforms announced in 2011.
Licensees should be aware of new custodial arrangements and not only have regard to their existing licence conditions.
These proposed amendments adjust the "safe harbour" steps and remove the catch-all provision at the end of the steps.
EUs are a flexible, timely and relatively cost effective regulatory tool compared to civil or administrative proceedings.
Implementing an effective privacy management framework is a critical governance issue in the financial services industry.
EUs are an ASIC regulatory tool used for breaches of financial services obligations by AFS licensees and their officers.
Corporations Act amendments introduced a 'twostrikes' rule for the adoption of remuneration reports by listed companies.
This case may assist employers in making decisions where there is a risk of an employee making an adverse action claim.
What is clear from the timetable is that waiting for more certainty in regulation is not an option for trustees.
The latest round of changes, under the umbrella of Stronger Super are explicitly designed to promote economies of scale.
By Liz Gray
The Federal Government has provided the advice, funds management, superannuation and life insurance industries with further insights into the Future of Financial Advice reform package (FoFA), a major regulatory overhaul that was announced last year.
By Matthew McMillan
Indemnity clauses are often the last provisions to be agreed in contractual negotiations and are usually subject to robust discussion as there is so much at stake.
By Helen Vickers
With the remaining sections of the Parliamentary Budget Officer Act 2010 (NSW) (PBO Act) coming into effect on 25 January 2011, all provisions of the PBO Act are now in force.
By Scott Atkins, John Evans, Mark Hilton
On 2 November 2007 the Supreme Court of New South Wales issued a new Possession List Practice Note. Our practitioners have had considerable input in the drafting of the new Practice Note as members of the Supreme Court’s Possession List Users Group.
By Pamela Flynn, Sheila Barry
A recent case has found that payments in lieu of accrued but untaken annual leave made to an award-free employee earning regular commission in New South Wales, and who was employed immediately prior to Work Choices, must include commission, and not be calculated on base pay alone