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By Tom Darbyshire, Conor Breheny
These recent "safe harbour" reforms substantially change the risks faced by the directors of insolvent companies.
By Mike Baldwin, Claudia Lewin
The outcome of this recent case could have a major impact on the way that employers conduct workplace investigations.
By Ashley Crisp, Henrik Eklund
Liability for the accident had been admitted by the Defendant so the judgment only dealt with the assessment of damages.
By Ann Spencer
Two co-executors of a will sought directions as to whether 512 cattle were included as "plant and machinery" on a farm.
By Ashley Crisp, Henrik Eklund
The defendant challenged the validity of the Director of WorkCover WA to record the plaintiff's election.
By Philip Mavor
WA local governments should ensure that their town planning scheme contains provisions that directly incorporate R-Codes.
By Ashley Crisp
The injury suffered by the respondent was not a personal injury arising out of or in the course of her employment.
By Mark Fatharly (formerly with Kott Gunning)
If the promise of family property has been broken, you may be able to enforce it through a proprietary estoppel claim.
By Danielle Hadida
The paramount consideration in parenting matters, including a change of residence, is the best interests of the child.
By Ann Spencer
An undetermined claim for insurance indemnity was declared not to be sufficient to set aside a statutory demand.
By Ann Spencer
This WA decision confirmed that a criminal wrongdoer cannot benefit indirectly as a result of the crime they committed.
By Stephen Williams
SA Supreme Court increases exemplary damages to James Hardie victim who contracted terminal mesothelioma.
By Anne Wood
What you need to know about new WA laws that change planning and building requirements in bushfire prone areas.
By Stephen Williams
Bill aims to increase entitlements for dependants of deceased workers and to simplify and expedite the claims process.
By Danielle Hadida
Red FM dedicates time each week to discuss topics that FIFO workers are interested in hearing about, like family law.
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