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By Anne Wood
If you wish to vary an approved development, you must seek planning approval, to avoid a potential criminal conviction.
By Jonathan O'Connor
This article summarises important aspects of the AFCA Rules, which should be read with the AFCA Operational Guidelines.
By Jonathan O'Connor
Although there is no express right to solar access in our homes, there are certain avenues to protect your solar access.
By Carol Hamilton
Many planning schemes do regulate the use of property for short-term accommodation, and non-compliance is an offence.
By Anne Wood, Carol Hamilton
Occupancy without an occupancy permit is likely to expose occupiers & owners to criminal convictions & significant penalties.
By Tom Darbyshire
Discussion about recent High Court case and the reasons for confirming the validity of holding DOCAs.
By Conor Breheny
Article discusses new aged care quality standards that replace the previous regime and apply to all aged care services.
By Brenton Oakley
If an encroaching owner can establish adverse possession, there is no encroachment and no offence under the Building Act.
By Mike Baldwin
In light of this decision, long-term casual employees should be offered the option of part-time or full-time permanency.
By Loretta Carè, Danielle Hadida
Remember there are minimum time requirements and time limitations for the filing of some documents in the Family Court.
By Ann Spencer, Jonathan O'Connor
In certain circumstances, such as by reference to the Ankar principle, a guarantor can be discharged from liability.
By Ann Spencer
Being an executor can be time-consuming, so consider these tips now to make the job easier for your executor later.
By Tim Kennedy
This article covers 3 online vulnerabilities and offers a guide to help small businesses minimise the risk of cybercrime.
By Philip Mavor
When potential purchasers could rely on a planning certificate, local governments are likely to owe them a duty of care.
By Danielle Hadida
To ensure that children are not exposed to risk of harm, the Court may order that parents undertake random drug testing.
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