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By Mike Baldwin
There are likely to be further changes to penalty rates as the FWC continues its four-yearly review of modern awards.
By Claudia Lewin
Employers who pay their employees the minimum wage or award rates, must implement this wage increase from 1 July 2017.
By Rhonda Carson
Recreational services providers should consider all waivers of liability in their contracts to ensure proper protection.
By Katrina Welch
Directors should refresh their understanding of SG requirements and exposure under the existing director penalty regime.
By Emma Leys
This system of withholding payments as part of a property settlement process aims to collect CGT from foreign residents.
By Ashley Crisp
The plaintiff should bear a high degree of responsibility for the consequences of his loss of control of his motorcycle.
By Tom Darbyshire
Whistleblowing is the disclosure of unethical or unlawful activity in an organisation by a person in the organisation.
By Stephen Williams
An Italian decision, subject to appeal, has held that excessive use of a mobile phone caused a benign form of cancer.
By Ken Grunder
The judge gave a useful and succinct examination of the law relating to an employer's duty of care toward its employees.
By Ashley Crisp
This decision is a thorough examination of the law relating to stress claims in the WA workers' compensation scheme.
By Mike Baldwin
if confirmed on appeal, this decision would have ramifications for industrial parties as they negotiate new agreements.
By Tom Darbyshire
Two recent decisions, on liquidator's remuneration and holding DOCAs, profoundly affect day-to-day insolvency practice.
By Philip Mavor
Injurious affection is the diminution of value of land due to restrictions on the use of land from new planning schemes.
By Vidal Hockless
Legislation introduces mandatory data breach notification provisions if serious harm is likely to result from the breach.
By Vidal Hockless, Sophie Nauwelaers (previously with Kott Gunning)
This decision discusses multi-party workplace injury disputes and apportions liability between the contracting parties.
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