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By Nicole Pearce
Parties should be thoroughly prepared and it may also be the right time to consider property and parenting arrangements.
By Stephen Booth
The rules about right of entry to a workplace by union representatives must be strictly adhered to by all stakeholders.
By Lindsay Owen-Taylor
Interesting read - summary of a tit for tat argument about trade marks.
By Malcolm Gittoes-Caesar
This case shows dangers associated with bringing an ex parte application before the court and not telling the full story.
By Peter Stewart
Google may well be the next major tech company to receive unwanted media attention with regard to a data privacy breach.
By Anna Ford
Employees should receive copies of all relevant workplace behavioural policies, with any updates and regular training.
By Andrew Grima
Benefits have been reported in improved speed of property transactions and in the security and verification of contracts.
By Malcolm Gittoes-Caesar
Recent judgment reminds solicitors that they are professionals and not merely postmen to vent the anger of their clients.
By Stephen Booth
Further reliance on a flexible workforce may mean the possibility of further demands for flexibility on days of work.
By Lindsay Owen-Taylor
These two cases demonstrate the need for businesses to monitor their competitors and protect their intellectual property.
By Malcolm Gittoes-Caesar
The article includes 5 key takeaways from the SBS show, why to implement them, and how to do so in an effective manner.
By Stephen Booth
Employers should take care to balance questions surrounding an employee's right to work with risks to the organisation.
By Andrew Grima
Maybe millennials should rent a home in the ideal location and purchase an investment property in an affordable location.
By Malcolm Gittoes-Caesar
Simply putting your head in the sand with respect to family law matters will not make them go away.
By Emily Lucas
Entertaining article on what not to do on social media.
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