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By Malcolm Gittoes-Caesar, Kirstie Barfoot
For IVF pregnancies there is a presumption of parentage through marriage. This is not the case for surrogacy arrangements. .
By Rita Khodeir, Adnan Meher
Obligations to report data breaches are more stringent &non-reporting of these breaches may result in huge fines being imposed.
By Anna Ford
Article discusses termination of employment - when it is effective and when it can be withdrawn (and exceptions to this rule). .
By Dean Claughton
This article looks at benefits of investing in childcare centres and other considerations before any potential deals.
By Rebecca Partington
Australian organisations should take steps to determine whether their businesses are required to comply with the GDPR.
By Rita Khodeir
The registration of trade marks allows legal protection action against the use of the same or deceptively similar marks.
By Anna Ford
Exceptions to the rule that the only way a termination can be withdrawn is by the consent of both the employer & employee.
By Malcolm Gittoes-Caesar, Kirstie Barfoot
The existence of a valid marriage is, from a court's perspective, proof that the parties share joint property interests.
By Dean Claughton
Article explains how tightened lending & a surge of low housing prices can affect you, your property & any future investments.
By Rebecca Hegarty
This important change from a raft of recent insolvency reforms concerns enforcement of 'ipso facto' clauses in contracts.
By Emma Macfarlane
Article discusses the option of preliminary discovery as an effective way to obtain critical information. .
By Rita Khodeir
Discussion of new e-commerce Instagram updates that create a more seamless link between ads and purchases. .
By Stephen Booth
Article discusses the new pictorial employment contract concept which has been used for the first time in Australia by Aurecon.
By Dean Claughton
Article discusses the recent federal budget in the context of its implications on land banking and housing affordability.
By Malcolm Gittoes-Caesar, Kirstie Barfoot
This 1st blog of 3 discusses same-sex marriage laws, and how they are set to affect proceedings within the Family Court.
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