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By Dean Claughton
As an owner in NSW, what are your options when your tenant stops paying rent - and what is the best course of action?
By Karina Ralston
A web-based app to store all the details, eCommBook allows ex-partners to communicate with their kids and one another.
By Stephen Booth
The interim order effectively issued an injunction to stop an employer from proceeding with a workplace investigation.
By Stephen Booth
If HR managers are aware of a breach of the law, merely voicing concerns but carrying on as usual, may be insufficient.
By Karina Ralston
The national scheme now makes new domestic violence orders automatically enforceable in every State and Territory.
By Rita Khodeir
Pause and consider before using the newly available Twitter threads.
By Malcolm Gittoes-Caesar
Coleman Greig solicitors take steps to ensure that family court legal fees do not get out of control. .
By Andrew Grima
Unless the zoning in your area doesn't allow for short-term leasing, you can't be prevented by your Strata Committee.
By Stephen Booth, Dominic Russell
Accountants must put compliance with workplace law above its commercial interests.
By Rebecca Hegarty
Liquidators can recover funds acquired by creditors from an insolvent company or in some cases, from a 3rd party.
By Rebecca Partington
New obligation to notify OAIC & affected individuals where there has been an eligible data breach of personal information held. .
By Kirstie Barfoot
A prenuptial agreement is known as a BFA, and any 'no public dating' clause would be impractical and unenforceable.
By Andrew Grima
Keep the permitted use description more general unless you are extremely sure about the specific activities or products.
By Lisa Qiu
Employers are not always protected from any employee claims if they terminate employment during the probation period.
By Jacob Smith
Revenge porn, when one person shares intimate material without the other's consent, is already in family law overseas.
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