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By Hadi Boustani
Corporate shield doesn't provide builders or directors with a complete indemnity, for misleading and deceptive conduct.
By Peter Stewart
The article revisits a 'going concern' exemption, criteria for the exemption and merits of supplying a 'going concern'.
By Dean Claughton
Landlords and tenants should take note of these changes as significant penalties can apply should they fail to comply.
By Lisa Qiu
Uncertainty about the new visa rules, other changes generally, and protests have attracted considerable media attention.
By Rita Khodeir
Social media users should be careful of their online behaviour as their posts could make them liable for defamation.
By Karina Ralston
The Court takes a strict approach to the requirement for full and frank disclosure in family law property negotiations.
By Rita Khodeir
These suggestions may help to make the process of registering new business names as smooth as possible for your clients.
By Rebecca Partington
The Diverted Profits Tax imposes a 40% tax on multinationals in an effort to tackle tax avoidance by those entities.
By Rosemary Carreras
While there is a saving in not applying for a Grant of Probate of a small estate, sometimes an application may be wise.
By Ricky Raad
Commercial leasing can be complex and there are an array of aspects which both landlords and tenants should be aware of.
By Dean Claughton
This article guides you through three key changes which the Budget has proposed in relation to the property landscape.
By Andrew Grima
Franchisees must understand the implications of demolition and relocation, and rights to compensation and termination.
By Racha Abboud
The proposed Act will have wide-reaching ramifications - for employers, franchisors and the franchise system as a whole.
By Racha Abboud
Franchisors could be captured by this proposed legislation, so should devise a strategy to avoid potential penalties.
By Stephen Booth
Many reference points relevant to employment law will now alter, because of annual indexation and changes to the law.
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