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International arbitral tribunals are becoming increasingly important for dispute resolution. Liechtenstein has the requisite know-how for proceedings concerning the financial sector.
Progress in information technology offers people a broad spectrum of new possibilities. On the other hand, there is a danger of misuse.
Liechtenstein is not only a financial center, as is often assumed by those lacking knowledge of the economic structure. Liechtenstein is also an extremely diversified industrial location with a strong small and medium-size business sector.
The 5th Liechtenstein Dialogue in Vaduz focused on the topic "Perspectives on Private Wealth Management".
Liechtenstein consistently implements EU directives into national law.
The Liechtenstein financial center is experiencing a difficult business environment. On the one side, international turbulences on the financial markets are influencing events; on the other side, Liechtenstein is under pressure to adapt due to its liberal economic order and tax policy.
Liechtenstein's National Day also serves the purpose of reflection on the present and consideration of the future. Not unexpectedly, the tax affair in Germany and its consequences for the Liechtenstein financial center were one of the focuses this year. Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein announced the willingness of the country to cooperate in tax matters.
To enforce the economic sanctions against States imposed by the UN, Liechtenstein created a Law on Measures concerning Economic Transactions with Foreign States (Sanctions Act) shortly after joining the UN in 1991.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF), which assessed the Financial Market Authority in 2007, has announced its positive findings. The IMF final report, published the end of June 2008, gives good marks to the Liechtenstein supervisory authorities.
Liechtenstein has carried out a reform of its law governing Liechtenstein foundations.
Liechtenstein has set out the goal of applying leading standards in the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism.
The State of Liechtenstein is the sole or partial owner of several public enterprises and institutions.
Perspective study on participation in the healthcare market Healthcare is a top priority in society as a personal resource, social capital and status symbol. Liechtenstein commissioned a perspective study to ascertain the potential for participation in this healthcare market.
New markets in the Middle East and Southeast Asia have made the business activities of Liechtenstein financial intermediaries even more international.
With the current tax affair in Germany, Liechtenstein is again coming under pressure by large states to modify its financial system.