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By William Kontaxis
Owners often fail to take advantage of the generous capital gains tax concessions available when selling a business.
By Eric Ziehlke
Innovation should be key in your business strategy, but it has commercial value only when it satisfies market needs.
By Angela Harvey, Alexander Moddel
Advanced Care Directives can be used to make decisions about your medical treatment when you lack capacity by yourself.
By Eric Ziehlke
Your intellectual property may appear to be intangible but it could be the most valuable asset your business possesses.
By Natalie Miccoli, Michael Phillips
We discuss whether certain clauses commonly found in ordinary commercial contracts could be considered to be penalties.
By Eric Ziehlke
The use of AdWords generally does not constitute trade mark infringement because it does not represent trade mark use.
By Eric Ziehlke
IP is the legal property in the innovation in your business and it is that which drives your revenue and profit growth.
By Warwick Ryan
The FWO has declared unashamedly that it is now in pursuit of management staff and, in particular, HR Managers.
By Warwick Ryan
The Full Bench confirmed that an employer is entitled to expect its employees to perform the duties assigned to them.
By James Skelton
A trade mark can be a very valuable asset for any business.
By Michael Phillips
A provision in a contract, that seeks to impose a penalty on a contracting party in breach, is not enforceable.
By Richard Ottley, Simon Obee
It is possible for employers to apply to minimise their statutory redundancy obligations to staff whom they retrench.
By James Skelton
Individuals must use a combination of copyright, consumer law, trade mark and common law rights to protect their image.
By Euge Power, Alistair Jaque
One of the side effects of these recent ASX changes is that they will make listings more difficult for small companies.
By Sherlene Heng
How inheritances are treated when assessing property settlement entitlements depends on the circumstances of each case.
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