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By Sherlene Heng, Esther Khoo
When parties separate, whether married or de facto, the same laws apply in relation to the division of their property.
By Richard Ottley, Simon Obee
Employers are well advised to tread carefully when dealing with such a scenario, to avoid unfair dismissal claims.
By Angela Harvey, Esther Khoo
Small companies or family business must ensure estate planning can cope with death of a sole director and shareholder.
By Cecilia Rose
Unless it is part of an existing strata plan, the proposed subdivision will be subject to the minimum lot size standard.
By Monique Robb
Preparation before the first conference with your lawyer can ensure it is productive and provides the answers you need.
By Monique Robb
In Australia, you need the consent of the other parent, or an order of the Court to relocate overseas with your child.
By Monique Robb
The court found that placing greater weight on the husband's contribution did not do justice to the wife's contribution.
By Monique Robb
If you want to apply for a divorce in Australia, either you or your spouse need to have some connection with Australia.
By Monique Robb
If a parent wants to relocate after separation, he or she should discuss any possible move with the other parent first.
By Monique Robb
You can ask your spouse/de facto partner to pay maintenance for your reasonable living expenses if you have separated.
By James Skelton, Esther Khoo
What more could a famous celebrity with an impressive fortune want – a trade mark registration for her newborn children!
By Eric Ziehlke, Esther Khoo
The protection of trade marks should be of critical importance for Australian businesses thinking of moving into China.
By Sherlene Heng
The general approach of the Court is to include all assets at the time of trial but will make adjustments as appropriate.
By Eric Ziehlke
Issues of ownership of a trading name can arise if a professional assigns his or her personal name to another party.
By Richard Ottley
The process for exiting employees must comply with relevant statutory requirements to defend claims for unfair dismissal.
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