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By Warwick Ryan
What happens to employment opportunities in Australia if the business community loses faith in the Fair Work Commission?
By Sherlene Heng, Amy Pun
A party's conduct normally has no impact, but the conduct may sometimes affect the final division of the property pool.
By Richard Ottley, Simon Obee
Periods of "regular and systematic" prior employment as a casual are counted when calculating notice and redundancy pay.
By William Staples
The article considers the NSW costs assessment process and avenues available to a client to contest a bill of costs.
By William Staples
The Australian Federal Police can seize, confiscate and forfeit any property suspected to be the proceeds of a crime.
By Colin McFadzean
This article summarises the EP&A Amendment Bill 2017, which is available on public exhibition until 10 March 2017.
By Angela Harvey, Alexander Moddel
A testator's second will – 10 days before death and disinheriting family members – was made in suspicious circumstances.
By Warwick Ryan
Trust is a product of an organisation having integrity – where it simply acts in accordance with its stated values.
By William Kontaxis
Owners often fail to take advantage of the generous capital gains tax concessions available when selling a business.
By Eric Ziehlke
Innovation should be key in your business strategy, but it has commercial value only when it satisfies market needs.
By Angela Harvey, Alexander Moddel
Advanced Care Directives can be used to make decisions about your medical treatment when you lack capacity by yourself.
By Eric Ziehlke
Your intellectual property may appear to be intangible but it could be the most valuable asset your business possesses.
By Natalie Miccoli, Michael Phillips
We discuss whether certain clauses commonly found in ordinary commercial contracts could be considered to be penalties.
By Eric Ziehlke
The use of AdWords generally does not constitute trade mark infringement because it does not represent trade mark use.
By Eric Ziehlke
IP is the legal property in the innovation in your business and it is that which drives your revenue and profit growth.
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