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By Graydon Dowd
An intriguing development in the admissibility of extrinsic material in the construction of commercial contracts.
By Andrew O'Bryan, Frank Hinoporos
The Court has ruled that taxpayers who are objects of discretionary trusts are subject to a four-year amendment period.
By Sally Scott
After a resounding loss against the ACCC in the Full Federal Court, Google has succeeded on appeal in the High Court.
By Karl Rozenbergs, Pamela McAlister
These changes mean important opportunities for funds to be listed as default superannuation funds under modern awards.
By Andrew O'Bryan, Rebecca James
Investment earnings on assets supporting pensions will still be tax exempt until superannuation death benefits are paid,.
By Harry New, Eugene Chen, Mark Inston, Desiree Krigsman
As a part of the Federal Government's Phase 2 Consumer Credit Reforms, Treasury has released exposure draft legislation.
By Pamela McAlister, John Sudano
Superannuation funds will need to start thinking about how this change will affect their internal systems and processes.
By Pamela McAlister, John Sudano
The end of 2012 saw a number of further developments on the MySuper front.
By Alison Baker, Mark Dunphy, Karl Rozenbergs
The Act will give effect to around one third of the Panel's recommendations to reform and improve workplace relations.
By Andrew Lyle, Matt McDonald
The decision is now being appealed, so we shall see what the Court of Appeal makes of relatively inconclusive evidence.
By Andrew Lyle, Matt McDonald
Unsatisfied with the decision, Mickovski has now lodged an application for special leave to appeal to the High Court.
By Jennifer Kildea
The Court held that the insured did not intentionally cause the collision, so the insurer was ordered to pay damages.
By David Carolan
The requirements for filing overarching obligations certifications before commencing civil proceedings are amended.
By Carole Shanks
It is not necessary for a claimant to request payment or a remedy from an insured for an insurance 'Claim' to be made.
By Liam Campion
If an insured causes more damage, to write off the vehicle, the insurer can deny the entire claim on the basis of fraud.
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