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By Andrew Lowe, Russell Davies
Patentees in Australia and New Zealand need to be careful in how they mark their products, if they choose to do so.
By Duncan Longstaff, Katrina Crooks
Australian patentees should consider carefully and formalise their chain of title and exclusive licensing arrangements.
By Gareth Dixon
The Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) has announced that it will be closed because of the earthquake.
By Gerard Skelly, Kathy Mytton
The Federal Court granted an interlocutory injunction restraining use of the LITTLE GREEK CUZINA trademark pending trial.
By Gareth Dixon
The TPP has been in the news again recently in the build-up to next week's United States Presidential elections.
By Grant Shoebridge
In 2015, the High Court of Australia ruled against the patentability of isolated human genes.
By Grant Shoebridge
Gene-based pharmaceuticals, namely interfering RNA compositions, now represent patentable subject matter in Australia.
By Gareth Dixon
This article briefly considers some of the reasons behind the decision to cull these SAP/SEP processes.
By Gareth Dixon
New Zealand's new patent legislation requires patentees to very quickly establish and assert their patent position.
Researchers, IP coordinators and patent attorneys overlap and operate at the interface between science, law and commerce.
By Katrina Crooks, Kieran Williams
The finding that Swiss-style claims cannot be used to support a patent term extension (PTE) has been recently overturned.
By Gareth Dixon
The facility to "daisy chain" divisionals from applications proceeding under the Patents Act 1953 may be under threat.
By Gareth Dixon
These new amendments stand to impact significantly upon the day-to-day activities of Australian patent attorneys.
By Gareth Dixon
The article considers the shift from local novelty to absolute, or worldwide novelty, in terms of the new Patents Act.
By Greg Whitehead, Russell Davies
70 per cent of local IP protection filings in Australia come from SMEs.
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