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By Tracey Murray
The OECD believes that the transfer pricing of intangibles has been used to move profits to low/no tax jurisdictions.
By Russell Davies
With the end of financial year approaching, are you getting the most out of your Export Market Development Grant?
By Kieran Williams, Katrina Crooks
The onus to establish that amendment is needed is on the patentee, who must make full disclosure of all relevant matters.
By Russell Davies
Glasshouse Advisory have examined last night's budget and explored its impact and what it means for companies.
By Duncan Longstaff, Katrina Crooks
This indemnity costs order for Bayer was made because of Generic Health's failure to accept Bayer's offer to compromise.
By Duncan Longstaff, Katrina Crooks
There is no certainty of PBS damages associated with a pharmaceutical patentee obtaining an interlocutory injunction.
By Duncan Longstaff, Katrina Crooks
This decision removes what could have been a significant practical barrier to the Government proving its damages claim.
By Duncan Longstaff, Jacinta Flattery-O'Brien
This patent infringement decision from colonial Australia shows just how much has – and just how much has not – changed.
By Katrina Crooks
The Full Federal Court has now determined that infringement cannot occur until the grant of the innovation patent.
By Duncan Longstaff, Mark Vincent, Natasha Faigenbaum
The decision clarifies what is needed to receive damages in a claim for unjustified threats of infringement proceedings.
By Duncan Longstaff, Jacinta Flattery-O'Brien
This case set a new benchmark in Australia for future patent infringement damages claims against generic manufacturers.
By Duncan Longstaff, Jacinta Flattery-O'Brien
We discuss Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals v Samsung Bioepis AU Pty Ltd [2017] FCA 285.
By Mary Munroe, Paul Harrison
These changes are intended to simplify, clarify and bring greater certainty to users of the UK patent system.
By Grant Shoebridge
This Productivity Commission report evoked a range of conflicting views as to the best policy to incentivise innovation.
By Serena White DPhil, Katrina Crooks
We look at poisonous priority and partial priority and the legal approaches to these issues in different jurisdictions.
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