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By Gareth Dixon, Jessica Chadbourne
The parallels between NZ's proposed Advancement patent and Australia's current Innovation patent are readily apparent.
By Jessica Chadbourne, Gareth Dixon
Investors financing eligible Early Stage Innovation Companies may be entitled to tax concessions and CGT exemptions.
By Michael Zammit
Illustrates types of IP considerations made regarding research intended to lead to the development of a commercial product.
By Michael Zammit
A strategic, planned, and holistic approach to the use of IP tools in the innovation process is critical for success.
By Greg Whitehead
This is a quick guide to the features of the designs system and a summary of 2017 Australian Designs Office decisions.
By Michael Zammit, Scott Philp
In the resources sector, where innovation could provide key competitive advantages, a strong IP strategy is often vital.
By Paul Harrison
Examination of OECD guidelines related to intangibles & IP, including entitlement of the legal owner to the associated profits.
By Jennifer Enmon, Kieran Williams
Article discusses effects of the decision in the recent FFC case regarding an anticipated infringement of a patent.
By Garth Berriman, Matthew Ford, Gareth Dixon
Article discusses how patents can help start-ups obtain Australian Renewable Energy Agency funding from the government. .
By Jessica Chadbourne, Katrina Crooks
The composite promises of the ESCO patent application, once correctly identified, were all satisfied by the invention.
By Scott Philp
The 2018/19 Budget cuts to the R&D Tax Incentive program will have a negative impact on Australia's innovation ecosystem.
By Andrew Lowe, Russell Davies
Article discusses case that shows the importance of using an appropriate SND to indicate new and distinctive features. .
By Gareth Dixon
If your invention has potential downstream military application, then you need to read this article. .
By Michael Zammit
The article uses an example to illustrate the process of developing an invention, from concept to commercialisation.
By Serena White DPhil, Charles Tansey
Only ratification by Germany is needed for the Unified Patent Court Agreement to come into force.
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