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By Paul Brennan
An outline of the major changes to the regulatory and institutional framework for the energy sector being introduced by the Energy Bill.
By Elisabeth Bell
Whether your entire retail business operates online, or the internet is part of a multi-channel strategy, you need to ensure that you are complying with the Distance Selling Regulations to keep customers happy.
By Nigel Griffiths
The ability for a retailer to terminate a lease by exercising a break option has always been a very important tool.
By Matthew Smith
The European Court of Human Rights recently gave its decision in the cases of Eweida and Chaplin v UK.
By Celeste Ainge
No-one can have failed to see the recent headlines regarding the discovery of horsemeat in various meat products across a raft of products stocked by various supermarkets.
By Paula Kathrens
In the case of West London Mental Health NHS Trust v Chhabra, the Court of Appeal recently overturned the High Court’s decision to grant a doctor an injunction to restrain the Trust from proceeding with disciplinary proceedings for misconduct.
By Tom Bedford, Zoe Perry
It was alleged that the defendant carried out a fraudulent mortgage valuation on a flat in Thamesmead.
By Jo Rees
BIM is the latest acronym to hit the construction industry.
By Jo Rees
At a time when youth unemployment in Wales is at a record high we are keen to work with social landlords to support young people and grow ambitions.
By Paul Brennan
The Capacity Market is intended to provide investors with the certainty they need to put adequate reliable capacity in place to meet expected demand.
By Jo Rees
What do changes in the law mean for you?
By Jo Rees
1 October 2012 has been another key date for the diary.
By Paul Brennan
CFDs are due to replace the Renewables Obligation as the primary support mechanism for major new renewable energy generation and will also be available for other forms of low carbon generation such as nuclear and fossil fuel plant with carbon capture and storage (CSS).
By Glyn Lloyd
With many retailers dependent on casual foreign student labour, lessons should be learnt following reports that Tesco faces fines of up to £200,000 for reportedly employing non-EEA students in breach of their visa restrictions.
By Rhiannon Jenkins
Age discrimination in the provision of services to the public became unlawful from 1 October 2012.