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By Sezer Caliskan
Mergers and acquisitions of companies are regulated in detail under Articles 147 and 451 of the Turkish Commercial Code (the "TCC"). However, such rules have lacked the necessary regulatory moves concerning spin off transactions in Turkish corporate law theory.
By Onur Ergun
The Turkish insurance sector has undergone serious changes in the last years and the complexity of the applications in the sector has increased because of the financial instability and tax system. In the year 1987, a remarkable insurance reform was made through amendments to the Insurance Supervision Law No. 7397 (the "Law") that had been in effect since 1959.
By Burcu Sener
The number of mergers and acquisitions has increased remarkably in the recent years due to stable economy and macroeconomic developments while finance and banking sector has been positively affected from such progress.
By Zeynep Lale
The Turkish Parliament’s discussions on the long awaited feed in law for the amendments to the Electricity Market Law No: 4628 have been finalized and the Law on the Amendment to the Electricity Market Law No: 5503 ("Amending Law") has been enacted on 24 May 2006.