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By Jern-Fei Ng
This article considers whether a law introduced in the Middle Ages to curb the power of influential English barons has any application, half a millennium later, to a domestic or international arbitration held in a common law-based jurisdiction.
By Simon Crookenden QC
The purpose of this talk is to consider whether the conditions of satisfactory quality and fitness for purpose implied by the Sale of Goods Act 1979 apply to Norwegian Saleform and other contracts for the sale of second-hand tonnage and if so what is their effect.
By Jessica Mance
The directors’ and officers’ (‘D&O’) liability insurance market has been disappointing for insurers since approximately 2004: rates have been stunted whilst coverage has expanded. Some insurers are even offering policies under which they promise to pay where third-party policy limits are exhausted or compromised.
By Edward Brown, Jern-Fei Ng
The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Justice Building officially opened its doors on April 17, 2007, and with it opened up opportunities for new sources of work for senior and junior lawyers throughout the common law world.
By David Joseph
The recent decision of Mr. Justice Simon in Wasa International Insurance Company Limited v. Lexington Insurance Company Limited and others raises a number of interesting issues about the interrelationship of a facultative reinsurance contract and the original insurance contract when they are governed by different systems of law.
By Roderick Cordara QC, Jern-Fei Ng
It has been some four years since the first article on Missing Trader Intra- Community (MTIC) VAT fraud appeared in The Tax Journal (Issue 690, 28 April 2003).
The State of Delaware has been referred to as “the incorporation capital of the world.”1 It promotes itself as approaching corporate matters in an innovative fashion.
By Edward Brown
In the recent decision in Shepherds Investments Ltd v Walters, Etherton J, sitting in the Chancery division, set out a broad new approach to the permissibility of employees taking “preparatory steps” to set up in competition with their employer.
It is not very often that the worlds of tax and sport coincide. However, when it happened recently, an important Court of Appeal authority concerning the recovery of costs paid to non-solicitor representatives was generated.
By Jeffrey Gruder QC
Does a reassured owe to his reinsurer any duty in selecting the risks to be written and reinsured?
By David Mildon, David Mildon
The last ten years have seen some very high profile insolvencies in the international energy business.
By John Lockey, John Lockey
The recent decision of Aikens J in Enterprise Oil Limited v Strand Insurance Company Limited [2006] EWHC 58 Comm ("Enterprise Oil") goes some way to put at rest fears that the decision of Colman J in Lumberman’s Mutual Casualty Co v Bovis Lend Lease Ltd [2005] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 494 ("Lumberman’s") has rendered it impossible for insureds to recover from their liability insurers anything paid under a settlement of insured and non-insured liabilities unle